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  • Phoenicia has yielded some of its treasures.
  • Phoenicia was also flourishing.
  • From Phoenicia the worship passed to Greece.
  • Phoenicians (Phoenicia), Introd.
  • In 725 B.C. he led an expedition to Syria and Phoenicia.
  • Moreover, Phoenicia lay at the end of the Asiatic caravan routes.
  • Armenia, Phoenicia, Media, and Parthea, were allotted to them.
  • Phoenicia, Palestine, and Asia Minor, also remained essentially unchanged.
  • As a dependency of Persia, Phoenicia enabled Cambyses to conquer Egypt.
  • Tribute was sent to the Assyrian monarch by Phoenicia, Moab, Ammon, and Edom.
  • PHoeNICIA, Story of the Nations Series, George Rawlinson, 1895.

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  • This fleet was laden with purple cloths and other valuables that came from Phoenicia.
  • Nearchus wished us to settle on the coast of Phoenicia, but that no one would do.
  • But it is also possible that both Egypt and Phoenicia derived them from the same source.
  • That of ancient Phoenicia including plenty of human sacrifice to good old Moloch.
  • But myths were also borrowed and interchanged between Phoenicia, Egypt and Greece.
  • The Canaanites of Phoenicia believed that they had originally migrated from the Persian Gulf.
  • Elijah was now in Phoenicia, the native country of Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab.
  • This was as true of Crete and Phoenicia as it was later true of Venice, Holland, and England.
  • It may be said of Phoenicia herself that she built-up her advanced culture on ideas borrowed almost wholly from her customers.
  • Subsequently he was kept fully engaged in maintaining his prestige in northern Palestine and the vicinity of Phoenicia.
  • The people who live on the south side of the Mediterranean Sea, come for the most part from Phoenicia.
  • Cadmus: mythological king of Phoenicia; was regarded as the introducer of the alphabet from Phoenicia into Greece.
  • The latter disappears from history, while the Amorites are allowed to settle undisturbed in Zemar and other cities of inland Phoenicia.
  • Similarly, Phoenicia, driven to sea by mountains and desert at her back, spread her sails beyond the Pillars of Hercules.
  • Of the ancient towns of Tyre and Sidon, once famous as the capitals of Phoenicia, nothing now remains but ruins on which fishermen dry their nets.
  • Idumea, Palestine, Phoenicia, and Syria submitted to him, and for three years he remained in undisturbed possession of his conquest.
  • Alliance with the neighbouring kingdom of Phoenicia brought with it the worship of the Phoenician Baal, and Yahveh was forsaken for a foreign god.
  • Neither Media nor Lydia thought of putting any hindrances in the way of the extension of the Babylonian dominion over Syria and Phoenicia.
  • The Hittites paid tribute, as also did Phoenicia, where he sailed on the Mediterranean in a ship of Arvad and killed a dolphin in its waters.
  • The Carthaginians, colonists from Phoenicia, conquered the Iberians, who then populated Spain, and forced them to work in gold mines.
  • When, however, the colonists from Phoenicia settled Carthage and founded an empire, they continued the traditions of their ancestors and built up their power on a foundation of ships.
  • But it is becoming a question whether it was not from south Arabia that Phoenicia first borrowed it, and whether it would not be more truthfully called Arabian.
  • From this point till the rise of Athens as a sea power, the fleets of Phoenicia still controlled the sea, but they served the plans of conquest of alien rulers.
  • Egypt and Greece and Carthage and Phoenicia and Syria and Rome, and a score of other nations, grew into form on the shores of this sea.
  • The supreme passion of Venice was to make money, as it had been of ancient Phoenicia, and to this was subordinated every consideration of race, nationality, and religion.
  • He scattered a fleet on the Delta coast, and then arrested the progress of a strong force which was pressing southward through Phoenicia towards the Egyptian frontier.
  • When, twenty years later, Phoenicia was subjugated by Assyria, it was due to the lack of union among the scattered cities and colonies of the great sea empire.
  • The Latin King of Jerusalem invested the Byzantine prince with the lordship of Berytus, on the coast of Phoenicia.
  • No whipped cattle were they, such as rowed the triremes of Phoenicia, but freemen born, sons of Athens, who called it joy to die for her in time of need.
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