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  • Just then the phone rang again.
  • I will phone you to come and get me.
  • Malone agreed and snapped the phone off.
  • Suddenly he thrust the phone away.
  • And he lowered the phone gently to its cradle.
  • Rick handed the phone to the third brother and listened.
  • Malone told him, and snapped the phone off.
  • Within ten minutes, the phone rang again.
  • Raps at the door and phone calls would soon begin.
  • Then, as the phone rang, he knew.
  • Moustafa handed the phone to Rick.
  • He picked up the phone and called Information.
  • In Paris, a phone rang.
  • Colonel Spaulding picked up the phone and dialed a number.
  • Then turn the phone over to me, and I will talk with him.
  • That Horn woman, in the phone booth?
  • I wonder if I ought to phone Mr. Barth to make sure.
  • I'll phone down to the office at once.
  • Gusterson reared up out of the pancake phone to take a deep breath.
  • Malone put down the phone and took one great breath of relief.
  • He hung up, then picked up the communicator phone and called his secretary.
  • I'd phone you every fifteen minutes if that's what you wanted.
  • He just got up and walked to a phone on a small table, near the wall.
  • She asked me over the phone whether her thirty men had started North.
  • I'd phone for Mr. Nolan first.
  • Boyd nodded, but before he could get to the phone Dr. Harman spoke again.
  • Then he turned to the phone connecting with the crew's quarters.

How To Use Phone In A Sentence?

  • Bing would most often phone the person in advance and make the appointment for me.
  • He is going to phone me at the office to-morrow to find out where to call for us.
  • After that you take the phone back again, and he will give you final instructions.
  • When the phone on his desk rang, Georges Alhamid scooped it up and identified himself.
  • Anna installed a small T.V. in the room and also had a phone extension made to my room.
  • Editor DeWitt held his hand over the phone mouthpiece and fixed Penny with a gloomy eye.
  • But tonight at seven I will come to your hotel and we will phone our friend in New York.
  • The Egyptian Museum Rick hung up the room phone and joined Scotty at the breakfast table.
  • I was overjoyed when my dad's phone call came to Uncle Mano's house saying I could go.
  • He drew out his pancake phone and stretched it so that it covered both their lower faces, like a double yashmak.
  • He answered a phone call and there fell upon the office an atmosphere of strange peace which had been missing for many months.
  • I began to apologize profusely but the other guy slammed the phone down on the hook hard enough to make my ear ring.
  • He whipped a pancake phone from under his coat, clapped it over his face and spoke fiercely but inaudibly into it, continuing to semaphore.

Definition of Phone

(transitive) To call (someone) on the telephone. | (phonetics) A speech segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties, considered as a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language.

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