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How To Use Phones In A Sentence?

  • Naturally, computers and phones are primary topics of conversation on almost every board.
  • Steamer-bound there for two days, he carried about with him for use on such occasions five phones of different kinds.
  • The magazine features everything from pictures of pay phones from around the world to tips on how to hack into computer or telephone systems.
  • When the detector is properly adjusted you will be able to hear the buzz quite distinctly in the head phones if the buzzer is not too far away.
  • As an investigator, when you seize a pirate board, you have scored a coup as effective as tapping phones or intercepting mail.
  • Public pay- phones must survive in a world of unfriendly, greedy people, and a modern payphone is as exquisitely evolved as a cactus.
  • Buy four binding posts and use one for the aerial wire, one for the ground wire, and two for the phones or head set.
  • Cellular phones are especially vulnerable; their chips can be re-programmed to present a false caller ID and avoid billing.
  • He signalled violently for the operator: ordered the ringing of any and all phones about the observatory, and listened in vain for a sound or syllable in reply.
  • It was a chance, she repeated to herself, in a thousand, and the familiar details of phones and motors seemed to rob its suddenness of all strangeness....

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Phones | Phones Sentence

  • Modems connect computers to phones and thus to each other.
  • Hart was about to call us on our phones when we looked up.
  • When the phones fail, we want somebody to be responsible.
  • Wells reached out and clipped a pair of extension phones over his ears.
  • As we obey he enters his hut-office and phones the wing headquarters.
  • In his phones he heard a voice that he remembered: "That you, Brinker?

Definition of Phones

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of phone | plural of phone | (informal) headphones
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