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  • Many bring phonographs and gramophones, which will give canned music at the call of the merest fraction of skill and effort.
  • The phonographs got into operation, some well, some ill, some stammering, and received their grades.
  • He looked in at a dozen restaurants, and twice as many soft-drink emporiums, where phonographs were worked until they were cracked and dizzy.
  • Of the others, many who came to scoff remained to take raffle tickets; and one of the phonographs was finally disposed of in this way.
  • It was late at night when we reached the place, but saloon and dance-hall were ablaze with light and loud with the raucity of phonographs and the stamping of feet.
  • No person with weak auditory images should follow music as a profession or attempt to sell phonographs or musical instruments or become a telephone or telegraph operator or stenographer.

Definition of Phonographs

plural of phonograph
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