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How To Use Physical In A Sentence?

  • It was as though the physical act restored him to another realm, another mental world.
  • Yet it was for the saving of the child that Wilson had labored until he was a physical wreck.
  • These decisions did not prevent her from spending days and nights in an agony of mental and physical pain.
  • Had it not been for his splendid physical condition, he would have utterly collapsed under the strain.
  • Aside from his physical proportions, there was nothing about the man to set him apart from his fellows.
  • At first there was not very much for him to do except to familiarize himself with the physical and economic conditions of the little duchy.
  • She had no false support now from the drink, and so her physical state added to her utter depression.
  • Such a soil is peculiarly favorable to the growth of the manly virtues where nature has assisted by her generous physical gifts.
  • If you received the work on a physical medium, you must return the medium with your written explanation.
  • In this art the elements of two general divisions of physical science are concerned, sound and electricity.
  • For weeks she forgot in this way both mental and physical trouble, drowning her pain by day and sleeping heavily by night.
  • It was for the most part a motley throng of blear-eyed men and women of all sorts, sizes and conditions of mental and physical deterioration.
  • A strange history belongs to the physical conformation of volcanic shores, alternately raised and depressed by the agitation of earth and sea.
  • The love and respect was given to her, through physical sex, by each monk, before she was taken to the tomb with the deceased brother.
  • It must have been a physical prescience of mental excitement, for I had scarcely ever felt so much before.
  • The fever had not increased, perhaps some childish disease was coming on, which would produce a favorable change in his whole physical condition.
  • It was reserved for Newton to produce a revolution in the mode of treating this branch of knowledge, as well as that of physical astronomy.
  • By physical power, in connexion with wisdom and goodness, a moral agent may be created, and endowed with the noblest attributes.
  • But Joan realized that it was not entirely physical inhibitions which were retiring the Darcys from the social arena.
  • The fire was sinking, and he built it up quietly, ashamed of this proof of his regard for physical comfort, and hoping it would pass unnoticed.
  • If the world had been looking for a perfect physical specimen of man it would have found it in Big Tom.
  • The thought of Isabel's darkly shining eyes seemed like a physical presence between us....
  • As it stands, it is one of the most curious existing illustrations of the state of physical science in the Middle Ages.
  • The values given in Table VIII have been chosen from the Smithsonian Physical Tables.
  • And you are to come home on Sunday evenings," she said brightly, "and to be very particular about your diet and physical exercises.
  • As for Archibald, he was a handsome vacancy, so to speak; a fine physical man wasted for lack of a spiritual man to carry him about and use him.
  • And as I believe in various occult agencies and physical influences, I hold myself to have been actually drawn towards him.
  • Commonly older and therefore of larger experience and superior intelligence, a good officer is as a father looking out for the physical welfare of his men as well as himself.
  • The family was of Welsh extraction, but in Hubert none of the physical characteristics of the Celt appeared.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Physical | Physical Sentence

  • All physical power is here out of the question.
  • He himself counted this physical make-up as a disadvantage.
  • It is a physical peculiarity, but an indefensible one.
  • Fortunately, I was in splendid physical condition.
  • Intermediate Text-Book of Physical Science.
  • As types of physical humanity they could not be easily excelled.
  • He was a splendid physical machine of brawn and sinew and nerve and muscle.
  • She was timid, on her physical side, but had an abundance of moral courage.
  • It was a keen physical feeling, like nothing I had ever felt before.
  • It was a physical impossibility for Effie May to select anything plain.

Definition of Physical

Having to do with the body. | Having to do with the material world. | Involving bodily force.
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