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  • Physically and mentally he had become hardened to blows.
  • He was spent, physically and emotionally.
  • Owner a bit restless, physically and mentally.
  • He is a very strong man, physically and morally.
  • He had always been a strong man, physically and morally.
  • She was tired physically, and tired also of being angry.
  • He ought to be fit physically and he isn't.
  • He was so exhausted physically and mentally that the relaxation was complete.
  • Although physically and mentally alive he is spiritually dead.
  • Morally, physically and financially that was the recognised way of getting on.
  • He sat long hours suffering acutely both physically and mentally.
  • Such recreation is good for you physically, and great fun besides.
  • We are akin to the lower animals morally, as well as physically and mentally.
  • On the contrary, he made me a well woman, physically and mentally.
  • They make of her, literally, whatever they wish, physically and intellectually.
  • Swing, pulling on his pants, left the room, hopping physically and mentally.
  • New York was fifty miles away, physically and morally at the antipodes.
  • The excitement over, I was in a forlorn state, physically and mentally.

How To Use Physically And In A Sentence?

  • There is physically and morally between a sound and the soul a marvellous relation.
  • I relaxed mentally and physically and regressed back to the day of the accident.
  • He was tired physically and felt himself mentally incompetent to play at repartee.
  • I was broken for the time both physically and mentally by the force of my unpent emotion.
  • The events of the past few days had worn her down, both physically and mentally.
  • Holding him up physically and morally, these two, now all he had in life to care for.
  • There is perhaps no limit to the human capacity for suffering, physically and mentally.
  • The class to which he belongs is largely a segregated class, physically and socially.
  • Physically and spiritually unable to keep still another second, she suddenly sat up.
  • Though scarcely aware of it themselves, they were completely worn out, physically and mentally.
  • He came to regard her as physically and mentally cold: she wished for the child that never came.
  • Train your girls physically, and, up to the age of adolescence, as you train your boys.
  • She, exhausted physically and morally by her conflict with him, hardly spoke on the way home.
  • A weak mother often bears strong children, if the father is physically and sexually vigorous.
  • Physically and spiritually, a coarsened man: in cunning and logic, a ruthlessly sharpened one.
  • Perhaps no man ever worked so hard physically and mentally as Napoleon from 1796 to 1814.
  • Try the globules on the touch-stone physically, and, so to speak, with the nitric acid chemically.
  • From an American viewpoint the greatest of these, physically and financially, is corn.
  • But the Duke managed to free himself physically, and so regained a little freedom of mind.
  • Far superior to the men, both physically and intellectually, are the women of Lima.
  • In fact, I am physically and mentally unfit to do anything of importance at present.
  • And, in fact, Athenais was physically and intellectually endowed in a manner seldom equalled.
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