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  • They were not physically maltreated.
  • Why must the aviator be physically perfect?
  • They were physically perfect, or nearly so.
  • She was tired, too, physically tired.
  • I don't see him either mentally or physically as you do.
  • And here was one who would certainly go to pieces physically as well.
  • It can well be imagined that a man physically unfit must soon succumb.
  • I saw in my mind's eyes a world of the physically perfect!
  • On the contrary, he made me a well woman, physically and mentally.

How To Use Physically In A Sentence?

  • There is perhaps no limit to the human capacity for suffering, physically and mentally.
  • The class to which he belongs is largely a segregated class, physically and socially.
  • But multitudes of the southern, enrolled by conscription, were physically unfit.
  • She was physically incapable of cutting anything, even the head off a dead fish.
  • He increased her height, he darkened her hair; but physically there was not much to change in her.
  • In fact, I am physically and mentally unfit to do anything of importance at present.
  • I admit that he represents physically and mentally a great deal of the intellectual impotence current in our time.
  • They had grown up to value it, and were the better mentally as well as physically for their thousands of miles of tramping.
  • Both of us broke into convulsions, and went on laughing until we were physically exhausted and spiritually reconciled.
  • But, however physically battered he might be, he was feeling happier and more satisfied with himself than he had felt for years.
  • The answer to this query is that the effort upon either side had passed the limits beyond which men are physically incapable of further action.
  • It brings man into relations with powers which are truly great, and places him even physically in the position of looking up, not down.
  • He had realized that physically and mentally I was at the lowest ebb and that only heroic measures could save me.
  • Kindness or meanness, brightness or dullness, pluck or timidity, were absolutely undecipherable in that physically perfect countenance.
  • They are not physically strong: they are quiet, weakly-looking men, with little energy and no habitude to hardships.
  • She seemed physically to have stepped beyond the region where the light of illusion still makes it desirable to possess, to love, to struggle.
  • The sad feature is that the increasing rigour comes upon men already weakened, both physically and mentally, by long confinement.
  • However physically brave, the knowledge that final over-throw is certain, will to a great extent paralyse the efforts of any body of men.
  • Although somewhat similar in appearance, the Brahuis are said to be morally and physically superior to their southern neighbours.
  • But it is right to remember that he was physically a weakling, tormented by ill-health, neurotic, and half-blind from his nineteenth year.
  • For physically his life, which could be taken away from him, was exactly like mine, held on the same terms and of the same vanishing quality.
  • It was expedient that thirty, fifty, or a hundred thousand of us should perish, or be rendered physically incapable of bearing arms again.
  • Both physically and in her reticent speech she appealed to him more than ever that morning as a woman whose desire seemed to be to creep through life unnoticed.
  • Himself a man of splendid physique, Burton wanted to see every man in England physically healthy and strong.
  • All these and other complications of structure may arise by direct growth and transubstantiation of the single cell into the various physically and chemically different parts.
  • In the first place, the girl seems so perfectly well physically that medicine is unnecessary, and then, too, I never had her confidence.
  • They were both of them people of the sort whom wealth adorns, who are physically perfected and mentally expanded by it: whom it is a pleasure to think of as rich.
  • It may be asked, is it not possible that a new principle is about being evolved, that will admit of communication between the living and the physically dead?
  • Like these physically and mentally blind men we are too often satisfied with mere wordy descriptions of subjects when we might study the subject at first hand if we would.
  • What service to the race can be greater, both in its present value and its ultimate effect, than to produce men and women both physically and morally whole?
  • Whatever Hicks had failed in, I made it a point to succeed in, let the cost be what it might, physically or morally.

Definition of Physically

In a physical manner. | According to the laws of physics. | Using physical force.
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