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  • He was quite pleased with the idea, and promised to return the pianola when he got sick of it.
  • And in our case, curiously enough, absence from the pianola did not make the heart grow fonder.
  • Through the pianola the opportunity of taking an active part in the making of it is open to everybody.
  • In front of window at end of pianola is thrown a lot of old empty boxes, such as are used for stocking and shirtwaist boxes.
  • Little-sing replied that it would be charming; but in her heart she somewhat shuddered, and was glad that the pianola was still a thing to be purchased.
  • Such an astounding result is possible only upon the pianola which absolutely eliminates all technical difficulties and leaves the player free to select his music without regard to such difficulties.
  • As the list of one hundred favorite compositions for the pianola includes no less than twenty-six works by this composer, he would seem to be the goal of the pianolist as well.
  • General directions on how to play the pianola are provided in pamphlets and circulars which can be obtained without charge, and I do not propose to traverse these.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pianola | Pianola Sentence

  • That is precisely the miracle the pianola performs for you.
  • The Pianola used is from the Aeolian Co., New York.

Definition of Pianola

(music) A mechanical piano which uses a roll of perforated paper to operate its keys, instead of being played by a pianist. | (bridge) A hand that is easy to play, i.e. one that "plays itself".
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