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  • This picnic forsooth!
  • What fun that picnic was.
  • A picnic on the hill.
  • A week after his return the picnic was arranged.
  • The picnic was as dull as she had feared it would be.
  • We enjoyed our little picnic amazingly.
  • There was a picnic on a Swiss lake.
  • Heah, boys, stop that picnic for a few moments.
  • The picnic to Arlington was much enjoyed by all.
  • It was more like a Sunday-school picnic than a fire.
  • The Picnic Party.= =2.
  • The Picnic Party.= =11.
  • Then a picnic was arranged for them out of doors, on the grass.

How To Use Picnic In A Sentence?

  • We thought the best thing would be to have a picnic under those beautiful trees.
  • We used to get a sentry, and go off into the hills with our lunch, and picnic all day.
  • There is an artificial island in the Broad, where a picnic party were then enjoying themselves.
  • Was it to be wondered at if children and adults vowed that this was a picnic complete to the smallest detail?
  • The refreshments were reminiscent of camp and were served on wooden plates around the fire in picnic fashion.
  • As for the rest of the gang, inured as they were to hard labor, the branding was no more than a picnic for them.
  • We had to picnic on chocolate and wine for twenty-four hours through our lack of forethought in not supplying ourselves with food for the trip.
  • At these periods of rest and lunch all usually seem as happy as if they were enjoying a regular social picnic dinner.
  • The morning of the wished-for picnic day broke with a brilliance far exceeding the most sanguine expectation.
  • The wedding breakfast may be served picnic fashion on a long table of boards decked with apple blossoms.
  • Filled with fresh enthusiasm, the two girls rushed out to hurry through the necessary studies before the anticipated picnic of the afternoon.
  • There are not only the paper cups provided on railroad trains and the cheap picnic plates and saucers, but some that are really pretty.
  • An open grassy space just beyond the landing-place seemed to have been formed by nature for the express purpose of accommodating picnic parties.
  • Altiora even tried a picnic in canoes, knowing from fiction rather than imagination or experience the conclusive nature of such excursions.
  • Among the summer pleasures of the young people picnics still rank high, and picnic excursions by steamboat or sloop highest of all.
  • And she knew how hungry it makes anyone, children especially, to start off on a picnic in the woods or across a lake.
  • A visit to a departed one's grave is generally an excuse for a picnic in Persia.
  • Ted and Janet took the lemonade and crackers with them in the goat- wagon and had a nice little picnic in the woods.
  • The guests lay on the grass in little groups round picnic suppers, and here and there a couple wandered by themselves, talking in whispers.
  • Mr. Cutter put it in here to heat milk for the lambs, and once when we had a picnic we made our coffee here.
  • Donald liked this slow cruising and the market-work best; but the picnic parties were profitable, and he took them whenever he could.
  • Now they went whistling past the picnic party, all of them in line, and went down along the shore till they were lost to view in the woods.
  • At every station we encountered trainloads of men in gray, singing, cheering and laughing as if bound for a picnic instead of slaughter.
  • It seemed credible enough, and my informant was positive; he saw you together at a picnic in Switzerland.
  • The old butler put a sirloin and a game-pie on the sideboard, and then left the little party to shift for themselves, in pleasant picnic fashion.
  • By the last post he received an informal note from Violet, inviting him to a picnic tea on the following day.
  • This they managed successfully, for, the driftwood fire having been renewed, the picnic party were seated about it, singing and telling stories.

Definition of Picnic

To eat a picnic. | An informal social gathering, usually in a natural outdoor setting, to which the participants bring their own food and drink. | The meal eaten at such a gathering.
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