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  • They have more picnics and holidays.
  • I am not a good hand at picnics and never was.
  • He shone at picnics and water-parties.
  • In the midst of parties and picnics balance day loomed up.
  • It is a favourite place for picnics from Crianan.
  • She arranged summer-evening picnics with the Sessionses.
  • What good are picnics for Girl Scouts?
  • She persuaded them to hold one of these picnics at the foot of the Palisades.

How To Use Picnics In A Sentence?

  • Tennis and boating and picnics and horseback riding filled up the edges of the days.
  • You see, picnics in the jungle are not quite the insipid things they are at home!
  • All her hostesses had house parties, there were picnics by day and dancing or hay-rides at night.
  • Together they went on picnics down into the deep valleys on the way to Sikkhim.
  • He took everything very simply, and as if it were his due, and thoroughly enjoyed the river parties and picnics which were arranged in his honour.
  • As the summer advanced picnics were to be inaugurated on Saturdays, and fun of some sort or another was to be the vogue.
  • Naturally the Nursery is not exclusively devoted to economics and politics: picnics and dances also have their place.
  • Or was it because Hattie had told her she must not play with them because they went to picnics on Sunday?
  • No amount of Saturday picnics could do that, and it was obvious long ago that some other means, would have to be devised.
  • Who knows but that it was at one of these notable picnics that Browning was inspired to write his wonderful little poem on the Campagna?
  • There were picnics in summer, sleigh-drives in winter, dances, and what not; and Eelan was no recluse.
  • They hardly ever went picnics or excursions; they only used to go for stupid walks along the roads, two and two, with a mistress at each end.
  • As a rule, the club picnics were cooperative affairs; but to-day the members, by special request, arrived empty-handed.
  • As Geoffrey Alison had hinted, picnics are more romantic than a dinner-party and this had bulked into almost an adventure.
  • Hence the riding parties and picnics of a few years before had given way to aggressively formal balls and receptions; but one form of entertainment that was indigenous had survived.
  • Walks and picnics are all very well as far as they go, but to get the full benefit of actual contact with Nature it is absolutely necessary to camp out.
  • Fifteen years ago his handsome face charmed more than one fair lady in the old pre-political situation days, when there was plenty of time for picnics and love-making.
  • When she was selling in the perfumes at five a week he used to take her to the picnics of the Social Dozen Pleasure Club.

Definition of Picnics

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of picnic | plural of picnic
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