Pictured In A Sentence

Definition of Pictured

furnished with pictures | represented by a picture | simple past tense and past participle of picture

How To Use Pictured In A Sentence?

  • He almost laughed, now, as he pictured the absurdity.
  • His imagination pictured to him Mrs.
  • He pictured Sabina on horseback.
  • Thereupon he pictured his first meeting with Viola.
  • Von Schlichten shuddered as he pictured that happening.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pictured | Pictured Sentence

  • Just as she had pictured it.
  • Getting engaged was not at all as she had pictured it.
  • Prophetic fancy had not pictured this.
  • Beneath a pictured dome?
  • She had pictured it differently.
  • Hager pictured himself as one of them.
  • Rome that he had pictured to his fancy.
  • I had pictured him so wonderful.
  • The waving of that pictured hand?
  • Some he pictured in abandoned farmhouses.
  • And why is love pictured blind?
  • I had pictured it to myself almost aright.
  • See here thy pictured life!
  • His face pictured his fears.
  • He had not pictured a dilemma like this.
  • The lady that is pictured is very handsome.
  • He pictured himself as he was a month ago.
  • He had pictured her coming round.
  • Lo, the pictured token!
  • Look at the pictured women in the corridor upstairs.
  • Why is the river pictured as dumb and blind?
  • The pictured tiles your childhood saw.
  • I pictured my husband with another wife.
  • He recalled to-day as he had pictured it.
  • I pictured its owner as pretty and attractive.
  • She had pictured him proudly planning to surprise her.
  • She had pictured him stricken and dumfounded by the blow.
  • I could never have pictured things like that.
  • His imagination pictured a number of probable disasters.
  • The situation can readily be pictured even by a novice.
  • Pretty as any woman a man ever pictured in his dreams.
  • I pictured an old man bowed with grief.
  • He pictured himself going to her in a great motor car.
  • Find at home any one of the objects pictured on page 51.
  • Certainly you are not as I have pictured you.

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