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  • What for these pictures and memories?
  • There is literally a profusion of pictures and chandeliers.
  • But pictures and scenes are very different things.
  • It has an old trunk in it and some pictures and boxes.
  • Pipes, pictures and punch.
  • You may see beautiful pictures and statuary.
  • I have sold some pictures and given away the rest.
  • Where the pictures and the dresses are, you know.
  • Pictures and fountains, and mirrors and flowers?
  • It contains some good pictures and fine tapestries.
  • My trust is in my pictures and maps to catch the public.
  • Dogs never look at pictures and never put on earrings.
  • Pictures and Glasses.
  • They must have known good pictures and liked good pictures.
  • Of books, and pictures, and music.
  • They saw together pictures and people, parks and gardens.
  • These were decorated with mirrors, pictures, and flowers.
  • She left me her jewelry, pictures, and other valuables.
  • But Gerald dropped the pictures and stood over them.
  • So I just took pictures and raked in the shekels.
  • He thought of the pictures And seized them instead.
  • He wanted Gypsy to see some pictures and things.
  • Both in the pictures and the initials of this MS.
  • Pictures and Scenes from Far-off Lands.
  • With Eight Coloured Pictures and numerous Woodcuts.
  • I am longing to hear what pictures and drawings you are making!
  • Bright Pictures and Easy Lessons for Little Folk.
  • Illustrated with plans and 278 reproductions from pictures and photographs.
  • There were numerous fine pictures and plaster casts here and there.
  • On the top of these mats there are hung pictures and looking-glasses.
  • As with pictures and cathedrals, so it was with their food at lunch.
  • In painting as in understanding there are excellent pictures and bad ones.
  • Such beautiful models of all kinds in the old pictures and statues.
  • There are twelve pictures; and they will be part of the entertainment.
  • The greatest pictures and statues have been painted and chiseled with words.
  • Then you would travel and see mountains and pictures and everything.
  • Moving pictures and the nickelodeon have had their day, and are now passing.
  • I loved especially to look at pictures and prints which represented them.

How To Use Pictures And In A Sentence?

  • Pictures and statues and buildings were defaced where they were not utterly destroyed.
  • It will be for us now to enlarge these pictures and to fill the canvas with life.
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