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  • They are moving pictures in words.
  • Reddy showed him their pictures in the paper.
  • The stories and pictures in the papers!
  • We visited pictures in the mornings chiefly.
  • He loved to trace pictures in the clouds.
  • The pictures in his mind were gorgeously coloured.
  • Who has not seen all manner of pictures in the fire?
  • He built his pictures in tone first.
  • He saw hideous pictures in the empty grate.
  • He had never made the pictures in the geography come true.
  • She is like her mother; she sees pictures in the sun.
  • The pictures in Munich we loved.
  • The President looked at the pictures in the studio.
  • But there are gayer pictures in the streets of Pera.
  • Sir Joshua did not leave his pictures in this state.
  • Pictures in the manner of Espagnolet hung on the walls.
  • Other Pictures in many of the Churches.
  • Word pictures in the New Testament.
  • With 24 full-page pictures in colour by Tony Sarg.
  • Talking and mumbling to yourself before your pictures in the dark?
  • Arrange the words represented by the numbered pictures in their order.
  • You have seen that the pictures in the two lockets are of the same person?
  • Have you thought of looking for pictures in places like these?
  • I expect some old monks must have painted the pictures in it.
  • But still he stood making pictures in the dust with his bare toes.
  • But he loved pictures, and he knew there were books with pictures in them.
  • The trainboy offered him a book which had a bad title and worse pictures in it.
  • Aristide looked round the walls and saw them hung with pictures in gold frames.
  • Taking pictures in the swamp, and kind of got a little mixed.
  • Others would write about something else, and get their pictures in.
  • Reader, there are mental pictures in the wilderness, as vivid as any in nature.
  • The faculty of seeing 'fancy pictures' in the glass is far from uncommon.
  • The foreign pictures in the Mauritshuis can be dismissed in a few words.
  • You can see his pictures in Sabina's room.
  • In the last room are two of the most celebrated pictures in Rome.

How To Use Pictures In In A Sentence?

  • The pictures in our minds have this in common with their originals that they are true.
  • Fewer than half of the pictures in the book were scanned to accompany the etext.
  • She intended to copy these beautiful pictures in the list of tableaux which she arranged.
  • I believe they had the grace to turn the war pictures in the conference room to the wall.
  • Then they talked about some pictures in which Apollonie had sat for the female figures.
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