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  • They are the pictures of the past.
  • Holy pictures of the saints.
  • They took pictures of each other.
  • Draw me some pictures of the lands.
  • It is full of pictures of her.
  • Here and there hung pictures of her own painting.
  • Paste in your notebook any pictures of animals.
  • Have you ever seen any pictures of him?
  • And look at the pictures of the different teams in here.
  • Delff was renowned for his pictures of still life.
  • Sometimes they were little pictures of home life.
  • What thought in the contrasting pictures of the world!
  • They are pictures of beauty which sell at sight!
  • No better pictures of their kind exist.
  • Both are admirable pictures of their respective periods.
  • But the memory-pictures of those sounds remained.
  • That artist excels in his pictures of the lion.
  • All our ideas are but pictures of objects which strike us.
  • The child artist drew pictures of all these animals.
  • Following are three pen-pictures of this historic palace.
  • Thin as they were, both looked the pictures of health.
  • We have several meagre pictures of weddings in early days.
  • Yes, pictures of living men and women.
  • The child had seen pictures of school-houses in books.
  • It is full of word-pictures, of picturesque settings.
  • They remind me of pictures of Neptune.
  • I have seen pictures of that were built by the Romans.
  • Sometimes I drew pictures of them as well.
  • Just like the pictures of the great Tayu.
  • I had secured pictures of actual events in the Vosges.
  • There were in fact three pictures of the judgment of Paris.
  • Ruy was like to pictures of the old Roman ruins.
  • Pictures of the young "Maestro" were for sale.
  • I am an artist; I make pictures of people.
  • Here are pictures of the Emperor and Empress.

How To Use Pictures Of In A Sentence?

  • Pictures of School Life and Boyhood.
  • Or, Pictures of the Virgin and her Son.
  • I've saw pictures of brides, an' I know what's due 'em.
  • Pictures of Bird Life in Pen and Pencil.
  • Being Poems and Pictures of Life and Nature.
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