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  • I like pictures that are not like nature.
  • I saw him face to face and drew those pictures that night.
  • He knew pictures; that is, good pictures.
  • These are the only pictures that give me perfect satisfaction.
  • Read it carefully to get the successive pictures that are presented.
  • Some pictures that had been partly obliterated by scrubbing with sand.
  • Pendleton gazed at the pictures that remained upon the walls.
  • She shut her eyes so as to see better the pictures that came before them.
  • A man who paints pictures that please only his wife is surely unsuccessful?
  • Here are two pictures that will show you several different kinds of feet.
  • He saw these men die, in the pictures that played-out right before his eyes.
  • The pictures that decorated the missal, however, were its chief glory....
  • Tonight they showed us some pictures that was supposed to be the West Pt.

How To Use Pictures That In A Sentence?

  • As she spoke her glance went from him to the pictures that stood about the room.
  • The pictures that hung in the room were too familiar to his gaze to interest him.
  • And savagely cursed the summer pictures that flamed in his mind at the sight of her.
  • Caius found no more pictures that day that he felt to be worthy of much attention.
  • We watch her hand to hand encounters with the pictures that have been wont to hang upon the walls.
  • He had a small note-book, in which he jotted down the pictures that were sold and the prices.
  • The student naturally turns first to the great pictures that have a world-wide reputation.
  • Not being able to make pictures that would compete with his, they wrote him down in the magazines.
  • She knew that fairies lived only in books and pictures; that flowers could not actually converse.
  • He watched, as it were, the glowing pictures that came and went in his furnace of pain.
  • I had seen it all so often in moving pictures that I recognised the scene at once.
  • On the walls and shelves were books and pictures that I remembered seeing in his boyhood bedroom.
  • They are so many pictures that I carry around with me, and they form a part of my existence.
  • As for Henley, he had already begun to examine the pictures that hung over every niche.
  • There were pictures that looked right at G. G., no matter at what angle he held them.
  • The pictures that most pleased me were a Paul Veronese, a Rembrandt, and a Greuze.
  • Help the class make a display board of printed pictures that illustrate the objects mentioned.
  • Lloyd observed the details of the colourful pictures that showed the way of life in the age before the time of chaos.
  • He was writing now, putting on paper the pictures that had been etched in his brain and in his heart during his wander years.
  • During waking life the soul is given up to the impressions of the senses, and to the thoughts and pictures that these evoke in it.
  • A girl with fluffy brown hair and mocking eyes had been the center of many mental pictures that had haunted him.
  • The parish house parlors were decorated with all the laughing or smiling pictures that could be found by the committee in charge.
  • Pictures that one finds in history and fiction of lady abbesses rose before his mind; it was thus that he classified her.
  • He had as a rule very little personal religion, and consequently did not care for pictures that moved him to contrition or devotion.
  • Holland was so true to Dutch pictures that there was a retrospective delight in the houses and in the people.
  • On the wall, he saw the large white screen and moving pictures that he recognized as ancient video tape.
  • A fellow can't be social, or take any comfort in showing his books and pictures that way.
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