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  • They have their picturesque uses.
  • McCudden had had a most picturesque career.
  • Her husband, old Professor Stowe, was a picturesque figure.
  • It stood for many years, a picturesque temple of friendship.
  • A stirring phrase, a vivid or picturesque turn of words, he often has.
  • To return for a moment to the picturesque doorway I have sketched.

How To Use Picturesque In A Sentence?

  • It was a picturesque sight when the opposing teams were ready to commence play.
  • He gets a picturesque situation, but there is always something mechanical about it.
  • A picturesque uniform in itself; but the long coat has a clumsy effect on horseback.
  • Visitors began to arrive in picturesque groups, strolling through the trees towards the tents.
  • Thousands of women, in brilliant costumes, gave a picturesque touch to the scene.
  • James Brand was a picturesque figure, advancing between the hedges this bright September morning.
  • It is difficult to picture a more interesting group of travellers through the picturesque regions they were again exploring.
  • Here is excitement to stir the blood and here is picturesque color to transport the reader to primitive scenes.
  • She was a natty and picturesque trawler, with a petrol engine that was the admiration of the village installed in her bowels.
  • He looked very picturesque and brown and clever in his khaki suit with a game bag slung across his shoulder.
  • They are perhaps not such fine men as our horse-guards, but their dress is far more picturesque and imposing.
  • It was a stately moss-embroidered fabric, more picturesque in its decay than it ever could have been in its completeness.
  • He was dressed in his best, which was not quite so picturesque as his worst, but which did not disguise him nor the region which was his home.
  • Had her imagination, she wondered, prepared her to meet one of the picturesque radicals of fiction?
  • I have, you see, ordered my game gamekeeper to drive my deer into the most picturesque point of view.
  • The tinker and Anselo with his wife had judged wisely that we would be pleased with this picturesque couple.
  • The picturesque village of Broadway at the foot of the hill of that name is much in favour with artists.
  • Tamils of ebon blackness drive picturesque teams of humped white oxen in red waggons laden with purple sugar-cane.
  • He must have been a pretty picturesque figure on that first and only time when he blazed his trail down Broadway.
  • Kate gave a final glance round at the walls of green logs, and noted with appreciation the picturesque dovetailing of every angle.
  • Our guides, on the contrary, pulling the capuch of their cloaks over their heads, looked if anything more picturesque and imposing.
  • Emily and Hubert watched them with delighted eyes, for the sight was indeed picturesque this fine autumn day.
  • They were clad in blouses of colored silk, which, with their fine dark complexions and great black eyes, gave them a very picturesque air.
  • The passers by although less elegant in appearance than in Paris, look more picturesque and appear in a much greater variety of costume.
  • You often see hamlets on piles, and, very frequently, the steeple of a church, standing out in picturesque contrast to the horizon line.
  • Mr. Levison rolled his dark eyes over the picturesque landscape as if he had no thought but for the beauties of Nature.
  • Kashan, which stands on a vast plain about two thousand feet above sea-level, is picturesque and unusually clean for an Eastern town.
  • It was a most interesting and picturesque sight to see the army filing across the splendid bridge of boats constructed by our engineers at this place.
  • Certainly she was not the person to tell him, being as reticent about the astonishing things she had done as she was childishly frank about her picturesque tastes and fancies.
  • A few years later Theodore Roosevelt, in the same post, was to ride up over that nice picturesque stretch of line.
  • The old dilapidated inn with its broken casement window is picturesque because of the graceful festoons of vine-leaves that grow above the roof and penthouse.
  • Although no doubt numbered amongst the cheap and picturesque routes for tourists, the place is apparently considered by the authorities as more or less of a joke.
  • Amphibious tastes suggest picturesque traditions of prolonged voyaging in search of fresh fishing grounds to supply the needs of a rapidly multiplying population.
  • The style is remarkable for clearness and strength, and for its picturesque use of images drawn from the rural and pastoral life which the prophet had led in his youth.

Definition of Picturesque

Resembling or worthy of a picture or painting; having the qualities of a picture or painting; pleasingly beautiful.
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