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  • With them were a couple of pieces of artillery.
  • There are pieces of land lying out in the ocean too.
  • But for these two pieces the square was blank.
  • These can be rapidly taken to pieces and re-erected.
  • I never saw him fly to pieces over anything.
  • On the ends of the pole pieces the bobbins are wound.
  • You will see that one of the pieces is marked with a star.
  • He would not see that noble ship go to pieces on the rocks!
  • It is sad to go to pieces like this, but we all have to do it.
  • A permanent magnet will impart temporary magnetism to pieces of iron near it.
  • He who had 5 loaves was entitled to 7 pieces and he who had 3 loaves to but 1.
  • To Z├╝lfikar he paid five hundred gold pieces for his timely warning.

How To Use Pieces In A Sentence?

  • The two pieces were brought as close to the river as they could without being seen.
  • By degrees the dancing mania seemed to seize upon all the other pieces of furniture.
  • They had to use the great pieces of general ideas, but they exchanged them trivially.
  • About this time, some of his poetical pieces were printed, but withheld from publication.
  • The repast over, their guest threw down eight pieces of money in payment for his share.
  • You could carve him to pieces without hearing a cheep, if he decided to keep his mouth shut.
  • But that he knew those pieces were before Made Latin, that he steadfastly denies.
  • The enemy had no artillery, but Foster had two pieces of the Third Indiana battery.
  • If he is anxious to try to repair the endless chain he has only to cut out the pieces at the back of the book.
  • Her essential principle is that she can be taken to pieces in a few minutes, and carried in a truck.
  • One of these pieces was brought up by hand and planted in the road where it could sweep the woods in which the guerrillas were concealed.
  • This assures proper rigidity between the pole pieces and also between the pole pieces and the armature bearings.
  • For spindles he may use three square pieces of cardboard with a pin stuck through the centre of each.
  • The reader may cut out the four pieces of the chart which he will find on a page at the back of the book.
  • Just as the film closed there was a clatter and crash and pieces of the broken skylight in the roof of the playhouse clattered down.
  • The latter began to fall to pieces before all the transport was over, some animals occasionally falling off into the water.
  • The use of condensers as pieces of apparatus and the problems presented by electrostatic capacity in lines are discussed in other chapters.
  • The only wonder was that any of the five-franc pieces were still in the basket when she got to Boulogne.
  • It cost me over two weeks' labor in shaping it with half a knife-blade and pieces of broken glass.
  • The gold might have been withered leaves, the notes blank pieces of paper for all the interest he could feel in them.
  • With his hand full of pieces of paper he returned on deck and scattered them overboard on the dark water, in which they vanished instantly.
  • They had the advantage in position and numbers, but Guitar had the advantage in having a couple of pieces of artillery.
  • And thus the crowd stood and read, once friends and neighbors, but now ready to rend each other to pieces at the first opportunity.
  • The method commonly employed of associating the pole pieces with each other and with the permanent magnets is shown in Fig.
  • I suggested to them the certainty of their readily obtaining great pieces for these gems among the rich strangers with which Rome was thronged.
  • Would it have gone to pieces if the victorious North had relinquished its hold on the defeated South?
  • A thin old man, with a rag-bag in his hand, was picking up a number of small pieces of whalebone, which lay on the street.
  • It had been determined to furnish a few pieces of field-artillery, a thousand stand of arms, and forty thousand dollars as a loan to the Pretender.

Definition of Pieces

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of piece | plural of piece
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