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How To Use Piety In A Sentence?

  • But is not the cool abstract piety of the genteel getting more than it asks for?
  • There was a tender piety on the features of those children that moved the heart.
  • Somehow or other he had always suspected that the virtue and piety of his benefactor were shams.
  • Every one declared that such piety and benevolence were rare in these degenerate days.
  • Never was a call on the piety and faith of any number of men more cheerfully obeyed.
  • He who only wears the garb of piety does less harm than the professed sinner.
  • Thus powerful was his reason and example to persuade others to a practical piety and devotion.
  • This philosophical and sublime piety is one of the most singular monuments of the first century.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Piety | Piety Sentence

  • Early piety did for me.
  • How much she is to piety inclined!
  • It is not only that he added piety to amorousness.
  • Her piety was sincere and unostentatious.
  • For piety and love of truth.
  • He was famous for his piety and good works.
  • Her gratitude and piety were quite affecting.
  • Very few marks of genuine piety remained.
  • And filial piety divinely fair?
  • Aryan piety is family religion pure and simple.
  • All which says much for the piety of this ancient lady.
  • Their types of piety differed widely from one another.
  • Their great deeds, their piety and their manners?
  • I was much pleased with him, both as to piety and ability.
  • His piety was, indeed, a thing of chief importance.
  • And Piety made perfect day.
  • Morals, strangely mixed with piety and vice, II, 229.
  • It was here that he was rewarded for his piety or punished for his sins.
  • It is piety only that inspires nobility and greatness of soul.
  • They have been for ages the chosen homes of piety and philosophy.
  • It has not a single aspect which is not favorable to piety and morality.
  • The literature of asceticism and rapturous piety was familiar to her.
  • He made piety more exalted by giving it an intelligent stimulus.
  • Louise's indifference to practices of piety annoyed him.
  • The rest of the letter was rich with phrases both of piety and affection.
  • They manifested great piety and love and reverence all the way.
  • A sister's piety hath no touch of shame.
  • Its dead theology and make-believe piety have no value only to the priest.
  • God rewards piety and virtue with prosperity and requites sin with adversity.
  • This filial piety did not save the young king from much tribulation.
  • Will a daughter who has betrayed her father show more piety towards a mother?
  • The pelican in her piety is not an uncommon symbol upon monumental brasses.

Definition of Piety

(uncountable, religion) Reverence and devotion to God. | (uncountable) Similar reverence to one's parents and family or to one's country. | (countable) A devout act or thought.
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