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  • The pigment used is charcoal.
  • Note the conditions most favorable to pigment formation.
  • It is valuable as a pigment in fine paints.
  • The pigment or color comes from a wild berry.
  • The dispersion of dark pigment on the flanks is variable.
  • Quite small mineral pigment mortar of quartz rock.
  • If the pigment collects in spots, it makes freckles.
  • Paint mortar of quartzite; blue pigment grinder.
  • C. Observe pigment formation.
  • There was a splotch of blue pigment at the back of his neck.
  • The painting is carried out only if native pigment is available.
  • Used in pulverizing a reddish pigment for decorating pottery.
  • This is effected by the black pigment that lines its inner surface.
  • This pigment is used in painting and decorating wooden images and gods.
  • In powdered form such glass is sometimes used as a pigment called smalt.
  • The pigment is fused, no doubt; but is it united to the glass?
  • And there were the splotches of pigment of which Calhoun had heard.
  • Chlorophane: an oily, greenish yellow pigment found in insects.

How To Use Pigment In A Sentence?

  • This is caused by seeing the black pigment through the retina and humors of the eye.
  • Iris tapetum: the pigment layer of the compound eye just below the crystalline cone.
  • Going out in the wind and sun causes more pigment to collect, and we say we are tanned.
  • After she was bathed, a few dabs of native pigment were placed on her chest and face.
  • The pattern of the pigment in the medulla of the hair, however, does vary specifically.
  • The pigment on the dots of five sides of each die was some heavy metal compound, probably lead.
  • The red pigment is the best to use, and goes off less in the firing; but, alas!
  • This is prepared on a large scale as a paint pigment and as a body for paints which are to be colored with other substances.
  • Retinal pigment: the pigment layer of the compound eye just above the basilar or fenestrate membrane.
  • Those people were marked by patches of blue pigment as an inherited consequence of a plague of three generations past.
  • He saw him so clearly that he was positive that there was a patch of blue pigment on the right-hand side of the back of his neck.
  • The body and the legs have been decorated with geometric patterns in a whitish pigment that can be scraped off like indurated clay.
  • By other means it can be prepared as a brilliant red powder known as vermilion, which is used as a pigment in fine paints.
  • He refined the art by ceasing to use the stone as a pigment in producing pictures, and employing it for the more legitimate purposes of decoration.
  • This grooved appearance is given by drawing the finger-nails over the part, so as to remove the pigment from thence in parallel lines.
  • For the first time in history the operators of a landing-grid wore make-up to look like they did have blue pigment in their skins.
  • This precipitate is used, as are also the finely ground native sulphate and carbonate, as a pigment in paints.
  • Be careful not to disturb the white layer of color pigment which is spread like a silver lining of feeble tin-foil over the inside of the skin.
  • The bases of the guard hairs are grayish, and the amount of pigment gradually increases distally to a dark brownish or blackish shade.
  • Retinula -ae: the retina of a single ocellus: the nerve fibres or cells between pigment cells and retina of the compound eye.
  • Lepidotic acid: a yellow pigment obtained from certain butterfly scales a derivative of uric acid: see Lepidopteric acid.
  • The tables were overturned in the strife, and mead and pigment mingled with the blood of those who such a short time before quaffed the cup so gayly.

Definition of Pigment

(transitive) To add color or pigment to something. | (biology) Any color in plant or animal cells | A dry colorant, usually an insoluble powder
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