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How To Use Pigs In A Sentence?

  • And this was the woman whom pigs insulted because she had no husband to protect her!
  • I am not sure that pigs are an altogether satisfactory subject of contemplation.
  • One of our pigs was cooked for us to eat that night; and the turkey the next morning.
  • Every tree is hacked down, and the wild pigs are rooting out the yams and sweet potatoes.
  • In the pen were thirteen small pigs, all squealing as only small pigs know how to squeal.
  • At that time there were about 500 head of cattle, 250 horses, and 200 pigs in the settlement.
  • Some of this material can, of course, be fed to pigs and chickens, and in that way disposed of.
  • Half in jest, and half in earnest, he told the lad to drive the pigs into a pond close by.
  • The missionaries took their advice, their pigs and their yams, and I went home with them.
  • In honour and in memory of Eubuleus, pigs were thrown into the cavernof Demeter.
  • But I say deliberate that pigs has got no call to be in a cow country, not none, unless salted.
  • From Horace to Robert Louis Stevenson, nearly all have been pigs from the sty of Epicurus.
  • The fines are expended in buying chickens and pigs for the pa'-tay ceremonies of the pueblo.
  • It was in connection with the immense quantity of food that had been prepared for the feast, especially pigs and fowls.
  • Notwithstanding he had six very nice fat little pigs on his back, he stepped up and took the turkey off the fence.
  • Near the latter a goat is lying; then come three pigs before a stable, and three sheep and a peasant.
  • An army of hermit crabs scuttled and rustled away before him as he advanced up the beach, but under the palms no pigs rooted and grunted.
  • I asked him how he got them without making any noise; and he said that he found a bed of hogs, in which there were the pigs with their mother.
  • When a litter of pigs is produced the bunch is divided equally, the sow remaining the property of the owner and counting as one in the division.
  • Sometimes it was so broad that ... the great pigs would continue to wallow undisturbed in the pools of mud....
  • We burnt down the first one in making a bonfire to keep off the wild beasts, and, for the present, the pigs are in the parlour.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pigs | Pigs Sentence

  • What does the pigs matter?
  • As naturally as pigs squeak.
  • The pigs are fed on corn at their halts.
  • A drove of pigs passing at dusk.
  • It is more fit for pigs than human beings.
  • I want to see the pigs eat them up.
  • Six pigs and a turkey, 93.
  • I told un you had three live pigs as ware dying.
  • Sowerby kept pigs under the barn....
  • But to turn from ancestral pigs to our Island!
  • Compare with The story of three pigs in Baldwin.
  • In it the cooked food of the pigs is mixed and carried to the animals.
  • Then the pigs stagger by: their garlands are excessively unbecoming.
  • It is your farm and you may use it as a pleasure park for pigs if you like.
  • There were some fine pigs running around, and two of these were slaughtered.
  • And so these two are like pigs with their bristles hurt, poor things.
  • Yet the Shakers keep their pigs very clean, and with great advantage.
  • A moment's examination showed that it had been weighted with pigs of lead.
  • Fear (in sleep) of pigs (168). INTELLECT.

Definition of Pigs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pig | plural of pig
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