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  • She was supported by a pile of pillows.
  • Things do sort of pile up on a person.
  • The girl on the pile of rugs called him.
  • He laid her on a pile of hay in the corner.
  • A pile of superb cauliflowers caught his eye.
  • They hit bottom in a pile of rotting fish.
  • McGinnis went out and sat down upon a pile of ore.
  • It's probably in the pile over there.
  • They'll pile up and stop.
  • Half of it's a pretty pile for any cove.
  • Methodically he kicked together a little pile of greasewood roots.
  • Hermann took a card and covered it with a pile of bank-notes.
  • Donald had finished making the last pile of ten gold pieces.
  • A tongue of flame leaped from the middle of a pile of stock cars.
  • Then came a rally; his pile crept slowly up until he was nearly even.
  • That's F.C. Wickersham, who has made such a pile of money.
  • What d'ye think--would he pile 'em up a hundred foot high?

How To Use Pile In A Sentence?

  • At the farther end of the natural cavity was a small pile of smouldering sawdust.
  • The seclusion of the memory-haunted pile enhances the thrill of an unique experience.
  • There was a pile of letters, of which he read the addresses slowly without opening any of them.
  • Standing above his companions on a pile of ties, a tall young man holding a megaphone waited.
  • Muffins stood in a shining pile upon the fender, and a corpulent teapot on the top of the oven.
  • Drain, place them on a hot platter, pile the buttered shrimps on top and serve.
  • Mix well with mayonnaise dressing, pile on lettuce leaves, garnish with hard boiled egg.
  • Three times the spinner threw heads, and the pile of silver in front of Chook grew larger.
  • I sprang to the door, seized the key with both hands and put it on my desk under a pile of heavy books.
  • The elephant's work was to pile heavy timbers in the lumber yard, and to help unload the ships.
  • At the edge of a burned out clay building, a crow was picking at a piece of garment showing under a pile of large rocks.
  • Thicken the sauce, flavor with a wine-glass of wine, pile in the centre of a platter and garnish with green peas.
  • One day an expert in the discovery of precious stones came along, and saw in this pile a block of jade of great value.
  • When I come back you will either hold out your hand to be chained or to receive a pile of gold in it.
  • He broke the dry sticks into fragments across his knee; when he had a fair-sized pile he took out his knife and whittled a few shavings.
  • These confections, done up in handsome boxes, you pile up in your front windows with a neat placard explaining the scheme.
  • He wandered over to the little boiler which drove the engine, and took inventory of the pile of crooked pinon wood that lay heaped up near by.
  • It was covered with baize, and a pile of music-books reposed upon the baize, besides some antique instrument-cases.
  • He brushed up a pile of trash, pushed it into a dust pan, and carried it off toward the disposal chute that led to the trash cans.
  • Arrange lettuce leaves on a round platter, pile neatly in the centre a dozen red radishes sliced thin with the red peel left on.
  • He picked up a piece of board, whittled a little pile of shavings, thrust them into the ashy grate, and piled some wood above them.
  • Just as Gordon with burning face turned to defy his deriders, a pile of small stones lay at his feet.
  • He recollected that his father had told him that he might either pick up chips or pile wood; and the last, he thought, would be much easier.

Definition of Pile

(transitive) To drive piles into; to fill with piles; to strengthen with piles. | Hair, especially when very fine or short; the fine underfur of certain animals. (Formerly countable, now treated as a collective singular.) | The raised hairs, loops or strands of a fabric; the nap of a cloth.
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