Pilgrims In A Sentence

Definition of Pilgrims

plural of pilgrim

How To Use Pilgrims In A Sentence?

  • What a contrast between the young pilgrims of bliss and their unbidden associate!
  • They are strangers and pilgrims in the country where they pitch their tent for a night.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pilgrims | Pilgrims Sentence

  • Three pilgrims and a tinker.
  • The pilgrims of the night.
  • But the pilgrims never swerved.
  • Thousands of pilgrims visit it annually.
  • To pilgrims far away!
  • Thither many pilgrims began to resort.
  • The pilgrims cast stones at this pillar.
  • This marriage of pilgrims that followed the sun!
  • To these pilgrims every object was precious.
  • And starry pilgrims ...
  • This would include pilgrims as well as home visitors.
  • A ceaseless stream of pilgrims poured down the rocky path.
  • On the road the pilgrims met an old lady and a little boy.
  • Our Pilgrims were few and poor.
  • The pilgrims died at the rate of five hundred a-day.
  • The pilgrims weep, some even are like to faint.
  • A procession of pilgrims going up to Remagen.
  • No tradition of the Pilgrims lingers among them.
  • The Pilgrims used no barbarous punishments.
  • There have been no Pilgrims to teach the moral law.
  • The Pilgrims must have needed the shoes badly.
  • Of Jesus, for the men that pilgrims are!
  • The Pilgrims of the Rhine.
  • The Pilgrims and the Indians.
  • Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
  • These pilgrims Montana Kid proceeded to farm.
  • Eyes, drink anew, Like pilgrims at a living spring!
  • So the Pilgrims determined to found a colony in America.
  • The Pilgrims preferred to be English, notwithstanding all.
  • The Seyyid preached in Persian, and the pilgrims speak it.
  • Mrs. Anne Hutchinson gave the Pilgrims trouble also.
  • Guiana or North America, Pilgrims choose between, 169.
  • I live in Plymouth, Mass., where the Pilgrims settled.
  • I. Hints to Pilgrims 11 II.
  • The manner in which the pilgrims wandered in convinced me in my opinion.
  • The pilgrims reached the capital of their country without further difficulty.
  • These pilgrims to the shrines of knowledge formed a class apart.
  • Hardly a day passes without its scores of pilgrims to that grave.

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