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  • A pillory is a terrific reality.
  • Must that poor wretch in the pillory stand out in the rain?
  • The pillory sometimes took the place of the stocks.
  • I pitied the poor man whom they put in the pillory surrounded by the crowd.
  • The people strewed the way from the prison to the pillory with sweet herbs.
  • The boys asked the man in the pillory all manner of impudent questions.
  • Marry a pillory is his deadly enemy, and he never hears well after.

How To Use Pillory In A Sentence?

  • And has the pillory or the penitentiary been the reward of that Postmaster-general?
  • The judge supposed, apparently, that the sentence of the pillory would disgrace and mortify me.
  • This was one of the five publications on account of which Curll was set in the pillory in 1725.
  • At dinners where she was an honoured guest she would recount, with astonishing calmness, her impressions of the pillory and the prisons.
  • Exposure in the pillory was a favourite prescription, a kind of judicial panacea, to which all sorts of the morally infirm were introduced in turn.
  • The hard bed proved to be a sandy beach; the pillory pillow a gnarled and twisted tree root which had given him a crick in his neck.
  • Meanwhile, Harry stands like a man in the pillory who is waiting for a shower of stones, and says not a word.
  • If the degradation of the pillory was remitted, another degradation quite as painful to Lord Cochrane was substituted for it.
  • They will not end in the pillory as he did, because the pillory has been abolished, but they will go out of fashion just as he did into silence and contempt.
  • Her saying that 'A woman in the pillory restores the original bark of brotherhood to mankind,' is no more than a cry of personal anguish.
  • The 10th of August had been fixed as the day on which he was to stand in the pillory for an hour in front of the Royal Exchange.
  • Men and women who have stood for centuries in the pillory of history are being taken down; their cases are retried; and they are set up on pedestals of admiration.
  • Some of the authors lampooned took the matter up, in downright sober earnest, and objected to the seat in the pillory which they were forced to occupy unwillingly.
  • Maryland, road house in, 33; pillory in, 218; turnpikes in, 232, 234; railroads in, 284-285.
  • Two of them were sentenced to stand in the pillory and to be imprisoned for a month; and as many as twenty more were fined in small sums for the assault, and bound over to keep the peace for a twelvemonth.
  • Does not your worship recollect that on account of just such a deficit, a captain of the guard had, but a while back, to stand in the pillory with a black board round his neck.
  • Unlike other notions that sprang from the belief in witchcraft, and which we have already dwelt upon at sufficient length, it has sent no wretches to the stake or the gibbet, and but a few to the pillory only.
  • Sir, I was one of those who saw Mr. Eaton stand in the pillory for what has been called an attempt to overturn the religion of his country.

Definition of Pillory

(transitive) To put in a pillory. | (transitive) To subject to humiliation, scorn, ridicule or abuse. | (transitive) To criticize harshly.
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