Pills In A Sentence

Definition of Pills

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pill | plural of pill

How To Use Pills In A Sentence?

  • This is the psychology of the testimonials for liver pills which appear in every local paper.
  • If you get sick, do not try to cure yourself with pills or powders bought at the store.
  • Instead, he gave her unmedicated sugar pills and as courteous attention as he could pull together.
  • This ape has eaten the peaches, has drunk the nectar and also swallowed the pills of life.
  • Three of the little gold pills washed the fatigue from his body, and he could think clearly again.
  • The drawing-room was empty, and the box of pills lay untouched on the hall table.
  • With them the daily dose of "harmless" teas or waters or even of pills cannot be neglected.
  • Shortly afterward Laotzse also came to him to tell about the theft of the pills of life.
  • He gave me no medicine, except some digestive pills four days ago, and a lotion for my ears.
  • We had opium pills in our medicine chest, and I had the little flask of brandy referred to.
  • There was a chemist close by, I could get opium pills there, and he turned on his heel.
  • Morphia pills are sold in Chungking by the Chinese chemists to cure the opium habit.
  • But being fond of grand opera, I mention the pills "worth a guinea a box" for preference.
  • Certain famous pills are advertised extensively in Great Britain and in the United States.
  • Beside the stove stood five gourd containers full of the pills of life which had already been rolled.
  • Many people take purgatives and digestive pills or powders in order to be able to eat thoroughly well.
  • Constipation, indeed, is so common that hundreds of pills and powders have been invented to cure it.
  • Men with black beards and ladies with cigarettes say that machine-guns and fire and death are pills that are potent for our good.
  • In a few cases in which I tried tranquilizing pills of the meprobamate type there was some slight improvement.
  • Bread pills are manufactured, and forced down the poor cat's throat, she barely resisting.
  • To mention no more of their impertinent predictions: What have we to do with their advertisements about pills and drink for the venereal disease?
  • Thereupon her brother groaned more loudly until Janet stopped him by dropping two or three chocolate pills into his opened mouth.
  • These useful pills made the college very popular and taught the boys and girls of Oz their lessons in the easiest possible way.
  • All the physicians in the city were sent for, and came in great numbers, prescribed pills and mixtures; but without effect on the ears and noses.
  • But Teddy had become tired of this after paying half a dozen visits and leaving pills made by rolling bread crumbs together.
  • This is a great mistake, for these Pills will correct the liver and stomach, and thus remove all the acrid humors from the system.
  • He brought Ling opium; he lighted the spirit-lamp; he rolled opium pills in his fat little fingers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pills | Pills Sentence

  • Your pills have a most amazing effect on me.
  • He handed the pills around.
  • My trouble was too deep-seated for pills to cure.
  • Well, these pills suit you, then?
  • Cathartics, pills and powders would be discarded.
  • Except for the pills I never touch medicine.
  • In an ocean of soup Where the pills of adversity bubble.
  • A decade later people wondered what all those dusty white pills were for.
  • He poured out the contents of the gourds, and ate up all the pills of life.
  • He poured ten of the tiny blue pills into the palm of his right hand.
  • These pills were red, and about the size of a pin's head.
  • Give it the PILLS in large doses to sweep these vile parasites from the body.
  • If you have a low, all-overish feeling, Macjone's pills pick you up directly.

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