Pined In A Sentence

Definition of Pined

simple past tense and past participle of pine

How To Use Pined In A Sentence?

  • She pined in the exile and mourned with ever-increasing sorrow for her country.
  • Often in her loneliness she pined to see eyes she loved look with love into hers.
  • No wild bird in a cage ever pined for liberty or chafed under restraint more than she did.
  • She undoubtedly pined to go back again into the dark wilds among her own people.
  • I fretted and pined and lost my appetite and never wrote a line in my blank book.
  • Two women were said to have pined away and died, owing to their intercourse with this man.
  • A young girl pined for the fruit and told her lover to kill the monster and carry the fruit away.
  • And yet, in spite of this, she pined for him, and bewailed her own vile condition.
  • The long summer months and the infant pined away, and the beautiful mother seemed wasting with it.
  • She pined for Scotland; she said that she could scarcely contain herself until she got away.
  • She fell in love with Narcissus, and pined away until nothing remained of her but her voice.
  • She told herself that she had always pined for Parliament, politics, and eminent people.
  • While in their cradles, Garzia was bewitched by an old gypsy, and day by day pined away.
  • I generally deliberated so long that I lost my lovers, and then I pined for that loss.
  • Even that mild excitement paled, and Mr. Barcroft pined for the congenial warmth of his study.
  • She was here some two years agone, and I thought I should have pined away at heart when she left.
  • His wife pined a lot, and during the epidemic of the flu, last Winter, she took it and died, too.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pined | Pined Sentence

  • But we pined to be more at large.
  • So he pined and pined away.
  • His was a soul that pined in palaces.
  • He pined away until it seemed as if he could not live.
  • Oh! how we longed and pined for sight of land!
  • And near a thousand tables pined and wanted food.
  • I'm 'bout pined to dead now.
  • However, she would have pined away in captivity.
  • Though I pined of love and died.
  • She came to hate Russia and pined to get away.
  • Ah, how she had pined since that mistake, incessantly!...
  • He pined for Norah, for Cherokee suppers, Blaster orgies.
  • She pined away and died just above where we stand now in this very tower.
  • She just pined off and died five months after the baby came.
  • She had pined for his fondness all these years; she pined for it still.
  • Under this extraordinary diet the poor animal pined away and died.
  • Perhaps, because he had sought to cage her, she had pined and died!
  • Blackman was ever ready enough for a lawsuit, forsooth pined for one.
  • Sand without bitterness, but his soul pined in the bitter-sweet of memory.
  • As she read of wretched poets Who had pined of love and died.
  • She had ceased to run alone, took no food, and pined away visibly.
  • On reaching home this evening I pined for a breath of fresh air.
  • In the souls of his brooding mariners, While the song pined on.

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