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  • Ashwell smiled and her cheeks grew pinker than ever.
  • Here Jeffrey looked at Anne and found her pinker than she had been.
  • The skin was like a rose, a fainter, pinker rose than Dorcas had ever seen.
  • It is pinker than the pink roses that bloom in the Queen's garden.

How To Use Pinker In A Sentence?

  • But her eyes under her plain felt hat were bluer than myrtle and her cheeks pinker than a rose.
  • A goodly number of them slipped into Miss Thorley's face and dyed it pinker than her girdle.
  • So did Lady Emily, suffused with hope, which made her pinker than ever; she told me he sent flowers even to her.
  • The soft white of her cheek was gradually becoming pinker and pinker; the color which began under her lace collar stole up and up until it reached her eyes, which still gazed determinedly before her.

Definition of Pinker

comparative form of pink: more pink
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