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  • There are no pinnacles on these buttresses, and they appear never to have been finished.
  • There are no flying buttresses on the north side, and the pinnacles are much smaller.
  • They flattened into a level table-land, and then they shot up into pinnacles and spires.
  • It is rather an ornamental building, with stone pinnacles and carved stonework over the doorway.
  • Above the white fret of reefs precipices towered in pinnacles two thousand feet high.
  • The stonework of the pinnacles and buttresses is much decayed, and constantly requires renewal.
  • The front of these pinnacles is ornamented with characteristic Perpendicular panelling.
  • Spires lofty; the broach rarely used, parapets and angle pinnacles take the place of it.
  • They are finished by two partly Norman turrets, with later pinnacles and spires.
  • We now find those white-seeming pinnacles are of delicate pinks, creams, blues, slates and grays.
  • The square tower with corner pinnacles is a conspicuous object in the Fulham Road.
  • II Rouen lay below him, a violet haze obscuring all but the pinnacles of its churches.
  • The mists drifting among these mountains and pinnacles of stone only seemed to make them more stately.
  • Below the windows there is an arcade of ten ogee arches on each side of the lantern, with pinnacles between.
  • His mind was scaling the highest pinnacles of its alps, where there was only starlight and the untrodden snow.
  • Many lesser reports are heard at a distance of a mile or more from the fall of pinnacles into crevasses or from the opening of new crevasses.
  • Where a tower is buttressed, it is a natural and logical device to make the pinnacles a continuation of the buttresses.
  • The pinnacles and battlements were added in 1660, as the inscription on the north-west pinnacle testifies.
  • All men feel this and usually express their feeling by saying that the pinnacles conceal the junction of the spire and tower.
  • Step by step one climbs the pinnacles of excellence; life itself is but the stretch for that mountain of holiness.
  • The buttresses of the aisles are decorated with gargoyles and crowned with pinnacles of a considerable size with crocketed spires and finials.
  • They love the view from mountain tops, where hills peep over hills and pinnacles are clothed in clouds.
  • At the base of the roof ran an open balustrade, broken at intervals by the pinnacles which crowned the buttresses.
  • Hence, as the pinnacles are not enough without the spire, so neither the spire without the pinnacles.
  • For a passer-by to help noting the beautiful western front and the maze of lofty buttresses and pinnacles is impossible.
  • He imagined that they were stirred up by a strong tide, and several pinnacles of rock rose from deep water in the neighborhood.
  • Here both pinnacles and buttresses, unusually prominent and elaborate, do not seem to be an integral part of the design.
  • The outer walls of the clerestory, and the pinnacles of the south side of the nave show vestiges of flying buttresses.
  • This was rough country cut by pinnacles of red and yellow rock, backed by the purple ridges of the greater heights.
  • Brighter they glowed, till gods of pure flame were born in them, and then he was looking at pinnacles of virgin snow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pinnacles | Pinnacles Sentence

  • Possibly there may have been pinnacles now lost.
  • Crockets and pinnacles much projected.
  • The pinnacles are aflame with the morning light.
  • Old engravings of the spires show the pinnacles broken.
  • He hoisted the Union Jack on the pinnacles of Thought.
  • All the pinnacles and canopies over the arches have crockets.
  • The arch is pointed and crocketed with pinnacles at the sides.
  • These triangular pinnacles are double the height of those at the corners.
  • The pinnacles are decorated with slender shafts and richly ornamented gables.
  • One of the pinnacles was entirely rebuilt, and the three others repaired.

Definition of Pinnacles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pinnacle | plural of pinnacle
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