Pioneering In A Sentence

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  • Their pioneering efforts had won them attention and kudos.
  • He discards pioneer methods because pioneering is not now an effective art.

How To Use Pioneering In A Sentence?

  • He built him that cabin there and began the real old pioneering of the early days.
  • The true story of the pioneering blues singers and musicians in the early days of jazz.
  • The time of pioneering came to an end, and the new age of material prosperity began.
  • Many of the farmers of the pioneering and roving class sold out, and went west for fresh lands.
  • Emigration and pioneering are thus a normal outgrowth of a progressive growing people in any stage of civilization.
  • Interplanetary commerce, if and when it begins, will be fraught with all of the dangers that accompany pioneering expeditions.
  • As already pointed out, the Forester is on the firing line of the conservation movement; he is pioneering in a new profession.
  • But all pioneering work is necessarily imperfect, and for many a day to come the history of Babylonian religion must be left to the pioneer.
  • He is intensely conservative in the primitive usages and habits of the roughest pioneering times, and emphatically condemns any innovations thereupon.
  • And as pioneering progresses into the more advanced stages of improvement, so do the opportunities and possibilities for mental work and culture become more generally and readily appreciable.
  • The honor of giving America to the world was hers, and she followed that first discovery by centuries of such pioneering as the world had never seen.

Definition of Pioneering

Involving accomplishments or activities that have not been done before, or developing or using new methods or techniques. | present participle of pioneer | The activity of the verb pioneer.

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