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  • He was evidently ingenuous and sincere, pious and lovable.
  • Elburz, where she committed him to the care of a pious anchorite.
  • What pious men in the parlor will vote for what reprobates at the polls!
  • A man of most venerable looks, highly cultivated mind, and a warm pious heart.
  • Have I not a pious mercy towards that nation which formerly took me captive?
  • As piety went in those days, Luther had been raised a pious young man.
  • The pious Bishop Nicolas sent for the originator of these disorders.
  • As Father Jose gazed, he was penetrated with a pious longing.
  • In Crete too was the grave of Zeus: a scandal to pious heathendom.
  • An' there I met a pious Hindu dhriving a bullock-kyart.

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  • The pious and charitable proprietor has a foreman not quite so pious and charitable.
  • In religion these estimable wives are pious in habit but somewhat nebulous in faith.
  • My whole philosophy became pitiful and humble before the pious trust of this strong soul.
  • They were a pair of pious souls, and would, of course, never exaggerate to the length of a lie.
  • Does Rome perhaps think the same of all the pious pilgrims that annually crowd Rome?
  • The constant use of pious phrases is not a good sign either of Moslem or Christian.
  • Upon my soul, Sedley, you are a pretty father confessor, and give pious admonition!
  • And whether pious in the good old way; They think, if pliant there, us too he will obey.
  • Fired by this pious zeal, Father Jose went forward in the van of Christian pioneers.
  • I tell you, Rocky Springs 'ud get pious right away under the influence of bird's-eye maple.
  • They painted to decorate churches which themselves represented the pious work of several generations of a given city.
  • Much ostentation comes out in the keeping of it; very pious people begin to fast before the month sets in.
  • The enthusiastic lawyer refused all promotion, and became a quite pious adorer of this angel of grace and beauty.
  • After the manner of pious monks the two companions walked one behind the other, reciting prayers and litanies.
  • She were always at chapel and meeting, and as full of pious talk as an egg's full of meat.
  • That sum has been produced by the pious bequests that have been left for charitable purposes by the inhabitants of Manila.
  • Who knows what her pious husband might do, if the last person in whose presence he is obliged to control himself should go away?
  • The first devil who speaks has set the hut of some pious poor on fire; the second has buried a fleet of usurers in the waves.
  • Although travellers are nominally exempt from the fast from water at least, pious Moslems do not avail themselves of the liberty.
  • I had only heard that he was a very austere and pious person, always at Mass, and that sort of thing.
  • The whole order of the Dominicans also went heart and hand in the pious work of detecting and punishing the heretics.
  • The t'other left in durance, for the want And pious tender of so smalle a somme.
  • A pious bard, however, had considerable latitude; and the phrase does not represent all that Homer was.
  • As a matter of fact the necessity of having to pay, to actually give money to people, infuriated the pious Therese.
  • The purpose was, internal improvement in Ireland, and any national uses, whether pious or charitable.
  • Deep as was the penitence of the Count of Anjou, it did not stand in the way of the exercise of a little pious fraud.
  • The child of a poor but pious mother, (a widow with six children), she had every advantage of a virtuous, consecrated home.
  • He is a zealous Moslem, and the pious phrases which sit so oddly on Hadji come very naturally from his lips.
  • It was only the jingals in the Gyantse-jong firing away at us patiently and solemnly, in the pious hope that they one day might hit something.
  • Considering the sensitive and pious disposition of the average Irishman, such ostracism was even more poignant than it would be to an Englishman.

Definition of Pious

Of or pertaining to piety, exhibiting piety, devout, godfearing.
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