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  • It was a pirate hawk.
  • The pirate toppled to the floor.
  • The reply of the pirate chief was irrelevant.
  • The approaching ship was a pirate ship!
  • For a moment the pirate chief eyed the lad angrily.
  • In my time I have had desires to be a pirate myself.
  • The Condensed Pirate said nothing.
  • What's the strength of this pirate crew?
  • The pirate chief saluted them and they greeted him cordially.
  • Jack whirled about in time to meet the attack of the pirate chief.
  • Blood flowed profusely and the pirate chief knew that he was badly wounded.
  • It was a powerful short-arm blow and the pirate chief staggered back.
  • She wore no sandals, which was probably the custom among pirate princesses.
  • What right has a bloodthirsty pirate like that to tell me what I can do?
  • But as Frank bent down beside him, the pirate chief opened his eyes.
  • The Norwegian pirate got what he could, and held it for his eldest son.
  • This house belonged to a Reformed Pirate who lived there all by himself.
  • The pirate chief was perhaps half an inch shorter than Jack Templeton.
  • The Norman noble, who was the Norwegian pirate baptized, did likewise.
  • Mr. Gibney had abdicated as a pirate and assumed command of the S.S.
  • Then he said: "Guess I'll make a pirate out of you anyhow.
  • The Queen of the Pirate Isle.= By BRET HARTE.

How To Use Pirate In A Sentence?

  • But she saw only the deserted town and the pirate ship riding at anchor in the bay.
  • It is not the relation of the pirate to the producer or prisoner which is sinful, but infidelity to the solemn trust which that relation creates.
  • Before the pirate could recover his balance, Jack struck him a heavy blow under the right ear.
  • Captain Jack led his pirate force toward the fort, unconscious of the danger that lay within.
  • He saw Mataara, a fathom deep, unfasten herself from the dead pirate and swim upward.
  • Frank turned and summoned one of the pirate crew, a negro, who answered to the name of Jefferson.
  • As the two vessels approached each other, the Reformed Pirate became very much excited.
  • The Condensed Pirate now opened a little gate in the fence, and he and Corette walked in.
  • Sadly the men filed by him and there was none who did not promise freely all that the pirate chief asked.
  • Jack now explained to the others how he and his two companions had encountered the pirate forces in the forest.
  • The authentic story of his life surpasses in romance and tragedy most of the pirate tales of fiction.
  • He scanned each sleeper carefully, and at last he came upon a figure that he felt certain was the pirate captain.
  • His brow was disfigured by a ghastly scar, and he looked, what he was in reality, a pirate and smuggler.
  • On the other hand, that bearded loafer, who looked much more like a pirate than a bookkeeper, was not a brute.
  • The pirate chief, powerful man though he was, went sailing in the air and his head struck the opposite wall with a resounding crack.
  • They also had some exciting adventures with the red-skins and with a pirate named Captain Hook and his crew.
  • The pirate crowded on all sail, hoping, if she could prolong the chase till darkness came, she might yet give her pursuer a wide berth.
  • But when they saw them close at hand, and perceived that they were little Corette and the Pirate who had reformed, they were dumbfounded.

Definition of Pirate

Illegally imitated or reproduced, said of a trademarked product or copyrighted work, or of the counterfeit itself. | (transitive) To appropriate by piracy, plunder at sea. | (transitive, intellectual property) To create and/or sell an unauthorized copy of
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