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  • Slowly withdraw the piston of the syringe.
  • The engine has a piston displacement of 61 inches.
  • The stroke of the piston in the cylinder is 5 meters.
  • The weight of this piston is 12-1/4 lbs.
  • The piston head is guided by a slide keyed to the frame.
  • On its first down stroke, the piston sucks in gas.
  • The latter innovation resulted in the push and pull of the piston rod.
  • We have to heave the piston up," he said.
  • Boyd stuck to his piston action, and was rowed out in six minutes.
  • As the wheel went around the crank shaft would move the piston up and down.
  • This cylinder block is soldered to the piston as shown in Fig.
  • Profitant du moment, par un puissant piston elle lui lance un tonneau de lait.

How To Use Piston In A Sentence?

  • Rocking levers and piston | | rods.
  • Both cylinders communicate with the same nozzle, one piston rising while the other falls.
  • The air beneath the piston was not sufficiently rarified; the void produced was too imperfect.
  • The piston rod transmits the power to the crankshaft, a long rotating piece of steel.
  • For piston rods, or for work such as cutting jack screws, this lathe is very useful.
  • The stroke ended, the piston returns, compressing the mixture and rendering it more combustible.
  • If steam is forced into the cylinder the piston will be forced to the opposite end of the cylinder.
  • Thus it will be seen that when the piston is at one end of the cylinder the opposite end is exhausting.
  • The piston is made so that it will fit nicely into the cylinder and move up and down without binding.
  • The exhaust takes place chiefly through a port uncovered when the piston is approaching the end of its stroke.
  • The molecular bombardment of the piston by steam or the gases of combustion runs his engines and propels his cars.
  • It will be seen that when the piston is at the end of its downward stroke it uncovers these exhaust ports and permits the steam to escape.
  • A weight of one pound on the smaller piston will balance a weight of one hundred pounds on the larger.
  • He was turning valves and pulling levers, trying to coax a little more power into his piston strokes.
  • This piston was fastened to a wooden rod long enough to reach from well within the pipe to the wind wheel shaft.
  • The device consisted of a small cylinder placed above the frame over the axle-box, and having a piston fitted air-tight into it.
  • They did almost all their work by the piston action of the legs, and their limbs tired under the strain at the end of three or four minutes.
  • Generally the pistons fit the mould perfectly, that is to say, they make aspiration like the piston of a pump.
  • A decorative car of gold ornamented in enamelled colors rode the crest of the tube, being connected with the piston inside.
  • The hammer, which is fixed to this piston by a rod, has therefore an ascensional force of 88,000 pounds.
  • Both the piston and the cylinder-end cover can then be placed inside the cylinder, and the piston-end cover is soldered in place.
  • In a four-cycle engine the piston must travel twice up and down in each cylinder, to deliver one power stroke.
  • So long as the piston action of his legs continued he went fast, but when the legs began to tire he stopped as if shot.
  • The piston which moves in this cylinder, under a pressure of 5 atmospheres, is capable of lifting a weight of 100 tons.
  • Take up the required dose of inoculum into the syringe; insert the nozzle of the syringe into the needle-mount, and force the piston down.
  • Boyd darted away with a long lead; before a mile had been crossed his piston action began to flag and his boat to go slower.
  • If we constantly keep up this alternating motion, the piston now rising and now falling, we are in a position to profit by the force of steam.
  • At the height of this stroke, the gas is exploded by means of the electric spark and the piston is driven down, on its power stroke.

Definition of Piston

(intransitive) To move up and down like a piston. | A solid disk or cylinder that fits inside a hollow cylinder, and moves under pressure (as in an engine) or displaces fluid (as in a pump) | (music) A valve device in some brass instruments for changing the pitch
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