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  • He was brief but pithy in assigning his reasons.
  • Now remove the seeds and the white pithy part.
  • A pithy substance found in dead pine-trees.
  • It is good, pithy reading, too.
  • Bull's pithy comment was enlarged upon by Sliver.
  • The letter to John Wallingford, was as pithy as his own to me.

How To Use Pithy In A Sentence?

  • During this time excited pithy gossip had been going on concerning the accident.
  • Trim to remove the pithy end of the stalk and then cook in boiling water until tender.
  • The officer then in command embraced the opportunity of addressing us in a pithy oration.
  • Not only is the style in itself concise; it has a sort of nervous severity and pithy rigor.
  • Whatever hopes he might have had had been swept away in those few short, pithy sentences.
  • At this criticism, so naive and pithy and so like Nellie, there was a general laugh.
  • In the Proverbs there is much shrewdness, many pithy and prudent maxims, many wise sayings.
  • As pithy an inscription appears on the bell of S. Ives, which is rung early in the morning.
  • Some admire the pithy sententiousness of the poet; others sneer at his priggish affectation of superiority.
  • Often, too, at the end of an important paragraph it is worth while to sum up its essence in pithy form.
  • His pithy reference to the feeling in the regiment touched my vanity on its weak spot, and gave me quite disproportionate pleasure.
  • This pithy question opened the eyes of the Birds to the weakness of their choice and they canceled the election.
  • The pithy phrase in the shrewd Roman's mouth was two-edged, and had a sharp point.
  • Here, with careful selection, we may garner those delightful thoughts, those gay conceits or pithy stories, that strike our fancy as we read.
  • The Australian blacks use the flower-stem of the grass-tree, which is of a tough pithy nature, and about one inch in diameter.
  • The poem is genuinely satirical only in those parts where the author steps in as the chorus, so to speak, and offers pithy moralizings on what is taking place in the action of the story.
  • He went on to tell me what he knew of the matter in his clean, pithy sentences, often brutally cynical, as though he had not a spark of interest in any of it.
  • Even with his wife, he forebore any direct discussion on the subject after this period, with the exception perhaps of the following short and pithy colloquy, which some time or other had occurred.
  • Frona prefaced her argument to the meeting with a pithy discourse on the sacredness of human life, the weaknesses and dangers of circumstantial evidence, and the rights of the accused wherever doubt arose.

Definition of Pithy

Concise and meaningful. | Of, like, or abounding in pith.
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