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  • He wondered why she pitied him.
  • But the older man continued to look as if he pitied him.
  • I pitied the agony of the professional weather forecaster.
  • She only pitied Billy.
  • He trembled all over, and I pitied him.
  • Now, afore Heaven, thinking upon this, I pitied you.
  • If there was much to be pitied there was something to be laughed at, also.
  • Time noticed the sorrowful expression of her face, and pitied her.
  • The child is greatly to be pitied who has no duties, no share in the work.
  • He may be pitied for a time, but when did not pity terminate in contempt?
  • He really pitied him, but Scott gave him no opportunity to make a suggestion.
  • She really pitied him, she said to Scott, when she found her brother alone.
  • I said I pitied 'is choice, and wouldn't give 'im much for his charnce.

How To Use Pitied In A Sentence?

  • He laughed, for he thought she pitied him because he had awakened from the dream.
  • I pitied her with tenderness and indignation, as if this had been both a danger and a dishonour.
  • She resented his scowling glances, and pitied his failure to glow in such genial company.
  • Everybody had heard what the Sioux had done to him, and everybody had pitied him.
  • He pitied Greeba, and for her sake also had been anxious to protect her husband.
  • All Europe pitied her at the time; there was but one form of prophecy as to her future.
  • And he, without an inkling as to how she must fail, yet knew that she must, and pitied her.
  • It seems he pitied her so much that he proposed to her on board, and she left Bruce.
  • It was for her that I felt sorry; I pitied her for having that damned soul on her track.
  • For, though I could be nothing to the worthy man, I pitied his desolation and his hopeless love.
  • She had pitied herself so overwhelmingly that some of the sentiment had splashed over on the lives of others.
  • He went about saying that he pitied his father profoundly because he was a civilian and a non-combatant.
  • I believe she only pitied and loved me the more, and persevered in the dreadful kindness that has no tact.
  • Now the mother and brothers of this man were just as poor and contemptible as he had been, and he pitied them, now that he himself was well off.
  • Jonas pitied him, and would gladly have gone and done the work for him; but he knew that his father would not allow that.
  • She, too, felt that here was a common cause, and not only that, but she pitied the child with unselfish pity.
  • But he could not talk to Mary about such thoughts; and he pitied her for knowing nothing of what he was feeling.
  • I pitied the mother and the daughter who had confidence in such a man; but I had not the courage to resist the temptation.
  • You have cared for and pitied me while others mocked and scorned me, and refused the bread I asked.
  • And Purcell is no more to be pitied for his sad life than to be praised as a conventionally idealised Mendelssohn.
  • But still he laughed to himself, and pitied poor Catherine, whom he compared to a hen with a brood of ducklings.
  • Miss Elsworth looked at the sweet face that grew so sad every time she spoke of her son, and in her heart she pitied her.
  • There was very little slaughter, as the cavalry of Dalziel were chiefly gentlemen, who pitied their oppressed and misguided countrymen.
  • Other women talked about their "married daughters" easily enough, and she had pitied them; now she would have to talk so, too.
  • When it rained she shut herself up in her own room, and pitied herself for the ungenial skies as she had pitied herself for some other things before now.
  • The Prince, who knew the whole story, pitied her very much, and ended by falling quite in love with her.
  • I besieged the post office five and six times a day in a panic, till the postmaster first pitied me, then grew a bit put out....

Definition of Pitied

simple past tense and past participle of pity
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