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  • Your woman merely pities you.
  • Who pities my poor love and agony?
  • Grandet liked and pities the young man.
  • He does not care for gods, but he pities men.
  • And nobody really pities us; we only pity ourselves.
  • And it seems as if even he, the devil, pities the people.
  • He that pities not the Crowne, pities not his owne soule.
  • But they that ha'n't pity, why I pities they.
  • But I pities her, 'cause she warn't so bad arter all.
  • How mine eye pities thee this while, poor maid! EL.
  • It was a thousand pities that they should be lost to science.
  • Men of his sort are never told; everybody pities them the shock.
  • A woman always pities a weakly man, but rarely ever has any love for him.
  • Now if there be a power that pities Lovers, Help now, and hear my prayers.
  • It's just because our friend there sees it that she pities me.
  • She pities her--who seeks the shade.
  • It seemed a thousand pities to destroy the prince's delusion.
  • It is a thousand pities I haven't managed to find you before to-day.

How To Use Pities In A Sentence?

  • It was a thousand pities that such a strong character had been tricked and perverted!
  • It seemed to her a thousand pities that his native land had no place for such as he.
  • When he looks at her again he sees that there are tears in her eyes, and he pities her.
  • It is a thousand pities that he had not a few trusty European officers with him.
  • There is no god that pities us or weeps over our sufferings, save the god in our own breasts.
  • Personally, I always think that it is a thousand pities that men are not expected to knit.
  • The whole South knows him, loves him for his deeds, pities him for his failings.
  • As Quarles says, she is a genius, and it would be a thousand pities if she were in prison.
  • As 'tis, when the woman's tongue becomes afflicting, I turns round and pities Treacher.
  • It is a thousand pities his poor mother and sister could not have been spared to make a home for him.
  • He much pities the world that has no more insight in his parts, when he is too well discovered even to this very thought.
  • It's a thousand pities you did not decide to bring her up to town, and get us shuffled off there.
  • Nobody pities her, and there are many who ask her how she likes being a lady, and who joke her about riding in her coach.
  • There are none left, but in the old times they were delightful, and it is a thousand pities that they have passed away.
  • And it would be a thousand pities if that nice girl, and her younger sisters, were to get mixed up with a woman like that.
  • Mr. Petersfield was delighted with the story, and said that it was a thousand pities that she had not been born a detective.
  • It touched her: oh, how good they were to their tribe; and what a thousand pities that that little doll-wife was so ill!
  • It was a thousand pities Matteo was drunk in his bed; he had quattrini enough and would not have missed the treat for the world.
  • Let not that eye look for pity, nor that hand to be spared, that pities or spares them, and let him be accursed, that curseth not them bitterly.
  • Above all, it is necessary to be openly and indecently humane, to confess with fulness all the primary pities and fears of Adam.
  • One of the greatest pities of this war is its interference with commerce through which avenue we were all building up bonds of universal friendship and sympathy.
  • Our friend is a great sportsman; he has got clear away from Dartmoor; it would be a thousand pities to let him go back.

Definition of Pities

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pity
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