Pitiful In A Sentence

How To Use Pitiful In A Sentence?

  • Madonna, be pitiful a little.
  • She stopped and looked at him in pitiful entreaty.
  • It is very pitiful to see what occurs in that navigation.
  • How pitiful he had been that night he washed his hands!
  • Look: at his pitiful reply!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pitiful | Pitiful Sentence

  • It was pitiful to see her.
  • Selfish and pitiful nations!
  • He was a pitiful object.
  • What a pitiful contradiction!
  • It was pitiful enough.
  • His breathing was pitiful now.
  • He was a pitiful sight.
  • It is pitiful to watch them.
  • Silly little pitiful creatures!
  • What a pitiful spectacle was disclosed then!
  • Tiny gave her a pitiful look.
  • He waited with pitiful anxiety.
  • After that there began the most pitiful business.
  • She clings to him in pitiful helplessness.
  • The pitiful eyes brightened.
  • And she went on with her pitiful lamentation.
  • They were indeed a pitiful sight.
  • It is pitiful beyond words.
  • They tell a pitiful story.
  • Do you hear their pitiful cry?
  • It was a pitiful and moving sight.
  • It was very pitiful to look upon.
  • It was pitiful to see that boy swell.
  • The camp presented a pitiful sight.
  • Bess gave a pitiful little laugh.
  • The lives of these girls are pitiful in the extreme.
  • Their fearless ignorance was a pitiful lesson.
  • To what pitiful depths of banality had he dragged her!
  • Hear now a tale most sad and pitiful to all who love.
  • The girl gave her a pitiful look.
  • Her voice had a pitiful break in it as she concluded.
  • His misery and his rage were pitiful to see.
  • It was indeed a shocking and pitiful sight.
  • Then the change on her face was pitiful to see.
  • Who taught thee to be pitiful or good?

Definition of Pitiful

(now rare) Feeling pity; merciful. | So appalling or sad that one feels or should feel sorry for it; eliciting pity. | Of an amount or number: very small.
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