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  • I "fixed up" and went over to Washington on the same train with Pittman.
  • C. Pittman, " C. Nevill, Sergt.
  • J. T. PITTMAN.
  • By Captain PHILIP PITTMAN.
  • At Washington I took a cab and landed in Willard's Hotel ahead of Pittman.

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  • Pittman was very cautious; he said every other person in Washington was a detective.
  • I entered a forward car and Hassing saw to it that Pittman took one in the rear.
  • Pittman passed out the side entrance, and then Babcock and Horner invited him into their carriage.
  • For an account of which please refer to my report of the arrest of Brewer and Pittman, November 24th.
  • I have the honor to report the arrest of J. S. Pittman, Dr. D. R. Brewer and T. S. Fowler.
  • Capture of Confederate bonds and scrip--Arrest of Pittman, Brewer and Fowler; Lieut.
  • Pittman, Thomas Willer, Samwell Fulshaw, John Walmsley, Abram Colman, John Hodges, Naamy Boyle.
  • Also $22 from Dr. Brewer and $280 from Pittman, in currency, and a trunk said to contain 23 dozen cards (cotton and woolen cards) from Brewer's house.
  • The author, Captain Philip Pittman, was a British military engineer, and gives an accurate general view of the Mississippi Settlements just after the English came into possession of the eastern half of the valley by the Peace of 1763.
  • He [Pittman] was a military engineer, and for five years was employed in surveying the Mississippi River and exploring the western country.
  • During the progress of this case, I was known to the parties as "Comings," "Shaffer" and Lieutenant Smith, and to show how complex it was, although Pittman and Brewer were together in prison, until trial came they had not been able to understand that the three names were for one person.
  • Language Directories The Ethnologue is the electronic version of The Ethnologue, 13th ed., (editor: Barbara F. Grimes, consulting editors: Richard S. Pittman and Joseph E. Grimes), published in 1996 by the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, Texas.
  • , paymasters robbed--I recapture part of the money--Commissions in promotion declined 184 FILE XXV Capture of Confederate bonds and scrip--Arrest of Pittman, Brewer and Fowler; Lieut.
  • [Illustration: LONG-EARED OWL ON ITS EGGS IN AN OLD CROW'S NEST Photographed by H. and E. Pittman, Wauchope, Saskatchewan.]

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