Pity In A Sentence

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  • What a pity she did not recognise you!
  • What a pity it is that they cannot understand one!
  • It did seem a pity that he had no existence.
  • She seemed conscious of his pity for her.
  • Perrault began to pity him for having missed the run.
  • That neither pity nor entreaties touch you?
  • Yes; what are we that we should withhold pity or pardon?
  • Her impulse of pity had already died into disgust.
  • May Heaven have pity on me!
  • It rankled in his heart that Harding should pity him.
  • The Prince of Pity lay dead.
  • It was a pity that Effie May did not know.
  • Surely you don't waste your pity on me?
  • An emotion of pity for a moment subdued my fiercer feelings.
  • It seemed a pity to let slip that gold-dust after they had gone so far.
  • A wave of pity surged through Corinna's heart.
  • There was neither fear nor pain in them, only a pity deeper than the Pit.
  • The word brought back a rush of pity to Joan's heart.
  • His pity for Laughing Anne was no more than her case deserved.
  • I pity you: to make so great a man Your enemy! CHREM.
  • I warn you, therefore, and most earnestly Conjure you, to have pity upon none.
  • Wretch! whom neither honor, Nor oaths, nor pity could control or move!
  • Fore Heav'n, I pity Menedemus.

How To Use Pity In A Sentence?

  • She was but a poor erring sinner herself and should she at once shut the door of pity upon him?
  • Though there was a wholesome pity in his voice, it was without the weakness of sentimentality.
  • Closing on him with pity and pleading in her eyes, she came again between the gun and the man.
  • I have known enough of notoriety to pity the poor devils who are called favorites of the public.
  • He thrust from him the pity that had taken the strength from his arm, and raised the pistol again.
  • Then full of pity for the grieving girl, she stood, her hand resting on the bed-rail.
  • The Prince of Pity lay dying of want in one of the poorest quarters of the great city.
  • It seem a pity that the world should throw away so many good things merely because they are unwholesome.
  • As she came toward him he was stirred first by an impulse of pity and immediately afterward by a violent repulsion.
  • I was her only child; it was a pity she had no more, for she had fondness of heart enough to have spoiled a dozen!
  • She saw the pulsing of the broken wings, and felt the pity that was pulsing through the sunny world at this darkening tragedy.
  • And he turns to the mate, telling him it was a pity he did not try to run along the deck and hurry up the captain when the lull came.
  • But 'twas a pity to put my lord Csaky to so much inconvenience for such a trifle.
  • Her voice fell, and he heard her sigh, and in his happiness it seemed to him to be a pity that he should find unhappiness in others.
  • Whose heart is not touched by this most affecting display of the tender pity of the father, in union with the stern justice of the law-giver?
  • Within a minute after he had grappled with it all thought of pity had died out in Bowles' breast.
  • I shall give an instance of this habit of interruption, and let the unhappy wight who has filled such an office as mine pity my woes.

Definition of Pity

(transitive) To feel pity for (someone or something). [from 15th c.] | (transitive, now regional) To make (someone) feel pity; to provoke the sympathy or compassion of. [from 16th c.] | (uncountable) A feeling of sympathy at the misfortune or suffering of someone or something.
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