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  • What is the placard pasted on the walls of their theatres?
  • I saw the mysterious placard with my own eyes.
  • A bus bearing a county placard glided up to the curb.
  • The placard must always be kept in a legible condition.
  • Against the wall hung a placard containing the prison laws.
  • Let him gaze at this placard of his weakness during a rainy afternoon.
  • What effrontery of the authoress, to placard herself with him in a book!
  • Let each child present placard bearing the letter as he recites his line.
  • He was drawn towards the drawing-room by a neat placard about afternoon tea.
  • A large placard held forth by two stuffed sleeves read: "We are orphans.

How To Use Placard In A Sentence?

  • They told me that the Queen had sent unto the States to repeal that placard of theirs.
  • To finish the thing up brown, I suppose I ought to have pinned a placard on his breast: Notice!
  • His wrath had been increased until it resembled a tornado when he read the reward placard in the uplands.
  • Proposals to quarantine and placard all syphilis are in the same category, though seriously entertained by some.
  • It is a plan rather than a picture, having an explanatory placard of the objects of interest depicted.
  • Then they gave me the place of honor at the head of a procession by torchlight and drummed me out of camp with my placard upon my back.
  • The oblong object on the placard represents, no doubt, a cake of this offensive and aggressive commodity.
  • He set his hand-lettered placard against the edge of the table and leaned forward, waving a thick finger.
  • I returned and informed Pharos, who immediately placed his skinny finger upon the placard before him.
  • Within, the object of hungry curiosity, a fowl, adorned by a placard informing that the price is forty-four francs.
  • Appleton took the "Engaged" placard off the table and used it nonchalantly as a fan in crossing the room.
  • Boards of Health fix this period of quarantine by law and put a colored placard on the house to warn others of the danger of infection.
  • But he reached his threescore years and ten in comfort; and the placard of Satan flying off with him represented a last hope.
  • At Brighton some time earlier, the high prices were nearly causing a riot, through the issue of an inflammatory placard against them.
  • I tell you: he will shave, and he will choose the time for shaving early after he has braced these immensely high trowsers that make such a placard of him.
  • Later Jan improvised a "scarlet fever" placard which Kenny in the course of time found nailed upon his door.
  • A news-seller was standing in the gutter on the other side of the street, holding in his hand the usual placard setting forth the contents of the papers he had for sale.
  • From the huge trunk of this tree came the accompanying plank of such extraordinary dimensions, that a placard proclaimed it the largest plank the world ever saw.
  • As what was at first to her the branding placard of guilt turned to a badge of the greatest righteousness, so has that which was unutterable obloquy and disgrace to him become unparalleled fortune and glory.
  • On a certain downtown street there is a newly opened resort, the windows of which are closely draped, and before the door of which a placard is suspended which invites only men to enter within.
  • I was able to placard the place, so to speak, with the news that the government had not betrayed them, and that they would find supports if they would push eastward against the enemy.
  • We've feathered our nest; while one of these days you'll find the 'Cafe Francais' closed with a big placard on the shutters.
  • A bell was tolling somewhere, and near the cathedral a crowd of no little size was standing, listening to a man who seemed to be rending a placard or manifesto attached to the wall.
  • This is very difficult to learn; but there is one thing that assists you immensely, and that is a sort of placard hung up in every room in the barracks, and which is from time to time read to you.

Definition of Placard

To affix a placard to. | To announce with placards. | A sheet of paper or cardboard with a written or printed announcement on one side for display in a public place.
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