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  • They read the placards outside the doors.
  • The others discussed the insolent placards with some degree of heat.
  • Gay placards of intense greens and vermilions flutter from their doorposts.
  • Got $10 for 'Bertha' and saw great yellow placards stuck up announcing it.
  • These placards contained in germ Louis Bonaparte's whole plan.

How To Use Placards In A Sentence?

  • Handel himself occupied the placards of the opera during the whole of the winter season.
  • And various devices we have had, miraculous rains of revolutionary placards among the rest.
  • And every now and then, as she caught the placards in the streets, her heart contracted anew.
  • Rival bands were got out, rival placards appeared and handbills were thrown into every yard.
  • Flaunting placards above told that costumes for the theatrical profession and for fancy balls were to be let in the fourth story.
  • She suddenly paused, and he saw that she was looking helplessly at one of the newspaper placards of the night before.
  • These placards created quite a panic in the place, so that people were for some days afraid to leave their houses after dark.
  • Goods were piled high in the open air, and all available walls were covered with grotesque signs and placards speaking in all languages.
  • The threats and persecutions are sufficiently established by three placards issued by the German authorities.
  • To the central pillar were attached placards and notices relating to the business or the conduct of the Members.
  • The affair of the Placards in 1534 irritated him beyond measure, and determined him to adopt a policy of severity.
  • It is said on good authority, that the placards come from the Sultan, and have been posted by his orders.
  • At almost every street corner Lucius saw flaming placards from which glared on his view the name of his hapless friend.
  • In the morning, placards dissuading the citizens from taking part in the official rejoicings were to be seen on the walls of Milan.
  • When I speak of victory I am not referring to those victories which crowd the daily placards of any newspapers.
  • Afterward there were no citified refinements of cramming rice down the necks of the departing pair or tying placards to the carriage in which they went away.
  • In one little village hall in Kintyre, I was much perturbed by some of the placards that had been placed on the walls.
  • He could feel the placards being torn from him, and himself being hauled hither and thither by the ladies who seemed fighting for the sole possession of him.
  • Away of force, like posting horse; For sundry men had placards then Such child to take.
  • This Parian is provided with doctors and apothecaries, who post in their shops placards printed in their own language announcing what they have to sell.
  • In every town the German colours were displayed, and all kinds of placards in German and in English made their appearance.
  • And now the whole town was covered with flags and placards and there were bands in the streets every evening, and noise and music and excitement that went on from morning till night.
  • The city was in a whirl on election day; hacks and carriages darted here and there all day long, bearing flaming placards and hauling voters to the polls.
  • What I see, is a regiment of Proverbs, bearing placards instead of guns, and each one a taunt at women, especially at widows.

Definition of Placards

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of placard | plural of placard
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