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  • But there is no reason why there should not have been other places of concealment.
  • All the other places of recreation in which the town had been so rich had disappeared.
  • Here are the warehouses and the very primitive dwelling-places of the fishermen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Places Of | Places Of Sentence

  • Lovers are of all epochs and of all places of resort!
  • There were plenty of places of concealment.
  • Even prisons themselves are not places of security.
  • Aiming at places of worship as usual.
  • It challenged the deep places of his love.
  • There were the hiding places of the wild birds.
  • The men hurried to their places of concealment.
  • Not alone were the parks the places of refuge.
  • We visited the museums and other places of interest.
  • Of places of amusement there was no lack at that time.
  • But it was no lads who held the places of the combatants.
  • What fine places of slow torture they are!
  • From their places of concealment the lads heard a shot.
  • Frequently also the dates and places of residence appear.
  • A good many places of business were closed.
  • The secret places of the heart rested until the afternoon.
  • Why are theaters and places of amusement crowded at night?
  • I saw again the sweet and sacred places of my life.
  • Coals are found in many places of the best quality.
  • By many mansions is meant many seats or places of abode.
  • To these places, of course, only the men resort.
  • Huguenot places of refuge in France.
  • She pointed out all the places of interest to Judy.
  • In time the hiding places of Iron were uncovered.
  • The places of notes in the text are indicated thus Sec..
  • Their Places of Growth.
  • The sea glamour is upon the dining places of San Francisco.
  • Burial Places of Eminent Individuals.
  • Auripigmentum (Gold Paint) from many places of Turkey.
  • We never put ourselves in the places of those at whom we laugh.
  • There are more places of public worship now than there ever were before.
  • In most places of the world that part of our body was deified.
  • The places of the gold deposits were freakish and unaccountable.
  • Among the many places of interest in the city were the cemeteries.
  • They have stood in the places of our sons and brothers and friends.
  • All the places of her youthful associations were equally familiar to me.
  • All the other places of worship were crowded with attentive hearers.
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