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  • He had always been so meek and placid before that what he did then was a surprise to me.
  • His placid face lit up with the smile that always shone there when his son appeared.
  • Then it always came back, with an inward flooding she had scarcely felt even in her placid youth.
  • One placid afternoon, a quick thought assailed her, and stained her cheek with crimson.
  • The placid green slopes of the fort give an impression of secret strength, even grandeur.
  • It was a black horse indeed, but a work horse, a slow placid beast which we had substituted.
  • She relapsed into a placid silence, looking at Rorie thoughtfully with her calm blue eyes.
  • The sight of the old man, bending over the last, with his simple, placid face, annoyed him.
  • But Mrs. Merrill had her own views, which she kept concealed behind her pretty, placid exterior.
  • Then suddenly into her placid face blazed an astonishing flame of passion that vanished again as quickly as it came.
  • Nor did he allow the little worries of life to interfere in the least with the calm enjoyment of his placid existence.
  • From the brooding timber the owl sends his call of despair across acres of friendly fields placid in the dew.
  • There are some bent white heads, there is some placid middle-age, a little youth to brighten to the sunshine.
  • The placid stillness of the evening seemed to carry its echo along the dusky garden bowers, out upon the water flowing down below.
  • This, she always explained with a placid smile, was owing to the fact that they were busy looking for a house where they could settle down.
  • The impression of having received a shock, however, did remain with her, and made her as resentful as was possible to her placid nature.
  • These falls constitute a beautiful cascade, and their roar may be heard of a calm, summer evening, for miles out on the placid water.
  • The Shohos regard one with placid indifference, and you must push your horse into a thorn-thicket or up a rock to get out of their way.
  • The tidal water, now near the lowest ebb, was placid as a lake, and on its surface disported flocks of many varieties of wild fowl.
  • The placid sphinxes, brooding o'er the Nile, disappeared with that wild shriek of the donkey boys.
  • Here and there upon the placid water floated troops of wildfowl; and high in the air hung a fishing-eagle or two, keenly intent upon sport beneath.
  • It passed, however, and the pair went on smoking with placid contentment, for they had but recently had a "square" meal of pemmican and flour.
  • Finally he was close enough to see the placid look of benevolence with which his cow was regarding him and success seemed about to reward his efforts.
  • His works are highly valued, and some critics prefer them to the more placid pictures of Willem van de Velde.
  • I meander, like a desultory, placid river of an old bachelor as I am, through the flowery mead of several nurseries.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Placid | Placid Sentence

  • His placid front revealed the philosopher.
  • His feelings were placid and complacent as usual.
  • The sunshine sparkled on the placid bosom of the water.
  • Thy placid eyes give wounds more deep and sore.
  • Are pools glad to lie placid refracting the sunshine?
  • Duke lifted his placid but observant eyes, and smiled.
  • Sir William had begun to wear his usual placid look.
  • There's somewhere a placid sea.
  • Such joys as the placid little pleasure-haunt had to offer were not for him.
  • But the waters had subsided and now lay in deep, placid pools.
  • Nevertheless the Dobelle family smoked on in placid contentment.
  • The Charles is so placid and blue that it resembles a line of the sky.
  • The Chief found him quite placid under the rapid fire of his questions.
  • Something like this was the scheme of the cautious, acute, and placid Gammon.
  • Whether around them roll the mighty sea, Or a lake's placid waves.

Definition of Placid

calm and quiet; peaceful; tranquil
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