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  • The plan was irresistible.
  • Look at the plan of the town.
  • Draw a plan of your schoolroom.
  • Draw a plan of your desk.
  • He is not discussing the plan of salvation.
  • Consequently the plan of negotiating was resorted to.
  • Hang up the plan with north at the top.
  • Look at this plan of a school-room.
  • Here is a plan of the orchard properly divided.
  • Here is a plan of some of the streets in a large city.
  • Our plan was to run past the guards in the darkness.
  • I go back to my first plan of a prohibitory enactment.
  • Don't let's plan too far ahead.
  • I steadily looked in front, full of a new plan of mine.
  • It took Lawrence but a minute to form his plan of battle.
  • And the plan Mac had put forth seemed as feasible as any.
  • Draw a plan to include the school and the place to be visited.
  • Before any school or church or home is built a plan must be drawn.
  • Grant was studying this line of defence, devising a plan to break through it.
  • In this case, Sherman had a plan all thought out, of course.
  • It would be a good plan to give Carl directions what I am to do.
  • I'll admit that, soberly considered, MacRae's plan did look exceeding risky.
  • In dull despair Gray had submitted to Lumley's plan for escaping the police.

How To Use Plan In A Sentence?

  • Look at a plan of the entire school floor with all of the rooms and the corridor.
  • A committee of five was immediately appointed to prepare and present a plan of action.
  • Lumley gave him a quick look from under his bushy eyebrows, and then bent over the plan again.
  • He said it was among his first wishes to see some plan adopted for putting an end to slavery.
  • And he put the thought of Harding from him, and tried to plan how he would carry out his scheme.
  • The plan of the cruise was to sail round the British Islands from the westward.
  • The best plan would be to fix where I am to come to in town every Friday for rehearsals.
  • Had I borne malice, I should not have had to wait long for my revenge, nor to plan it myself.
  • From there they plan to follow Milk River to the Missouri and catch a down-stream boat.
  • He had commanded the greater part of the loyalist forces and his plan had placed the enemy at their mercy.
  • On your plan of the neighborhood place a circle to show the grocery store or bakery that you pass on your way to school.
  • He will bring with him the plan of his latest defenses of a town on the east coast, which our cruiser squadron purpose to bombard.
  • The plan is frequently adopted, therefore, of having the operation of the generator serve to cut its own bell out of the circuit.
  • This was considered a good plan by all, and they intended to seek Doris after her duties were over and put some leading questions to her.
  • The second is a new plan for braiding your hair, which came into my head whilst father was reading aloud that speech to us last night.
  • In a few weeks the plan of the expedition was settled, and the necessary arrangements made, with the consent and under the supervision of Barron.
  • But this did not deter Richard; he had got his materials, he had decided upon his plan of action, and he was bound to go through with it.

Definition of Plan

(transitive) To design (a building, machine, etc.). | (transitive) To create a plan for. | (intransitive) To intend.
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