Plan On In A Sentence

Definition of Plan On

To expect; to anticipate future actions based on.

How To Use Plan On In A Sentence?

  • The plan on which the herbalist lays out his letterpress is methodical in the extreme.
  • His lordship took a pencil from his pocket and sketched a plan on the tablecloth.
  • It seems to me that you've analysed the man's character, and formed your plan on the analysis.
  • To be able to read in the finished structure the plan on which the whole is built is now essential to every naturalist.
  • Cuvier was the first to give a really philosophical view of the animal world in reference to the plan on which each animal is constructed.
  • This should be worked out and set down in writing as a definite plan, similar to the plan on the instruction card of one of his tasks.
  • His plan on this voyage was to find the mainland to the southward, of which he had heard rumours in Espanola.
  • If anybody had a plan on hand, it was very hard to keep her finger out of it; and if there were calculations to be made, it was all the better.
  • Prince Lichnowsky maintains it would have been difficult to support this plan on account of the workmen employed and the technical personnel.
  • On contemplating the plan on which Chartres Cathedral was built one is struck with the enormous space which has been allotted to the choir.
  • But on his way to the station he had rapidly thought out a plan on which to act should this mad notion in his brain turn out to have any support in reality.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plan On | Plan On Sentence

  • Of course, I tried my plan on one bee first.
  • He must drop minor points, and adopt that plan on which all can agree.
  • The plan on which my Index is made, will I trust be found convenient.

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