Planned In A Sentence

Definition of Planned

Existing or designed according to a plan. | at or through the planning stage, but not yet implemented or started. | simple past tense and past participle of plan

How To Use Planned In A Sentence?

  • The letter includes a schedule of cities and the number of appearances planned for each.
  • They probably saw us looking at the necklace through the windows and planned to get it back.
  • I think that she had planned the medieval effect deliberately, and it was a great success.
  • Then such escapes, such disguises such subterfuges, and all so cleverly planned and carried out!
  • As a starter, they planned to give three entertainments, each beginning on the hour.
  • The chums were down at the hotel that afternoon and Jolly planned a grand surprise for them.
  • Let us even assume that Shivaji deliberately planned and executed the murder.
  • She had also become very sad, knowing what Trephor had planned for the both of them.
  • Not much time in such a life of planned hours, tasks, and duties to think of women.
  • On the march Colonel Brinton of a Pennsylvania regiment, a new arrival, planned with me an escape.
  • Love has brought me to disaster, because my career had been planned regardless of its possibility and value.
  • My speeches had been planned upon broad lines, but they lost touch with these as the polling approached.
  • They planned the research on a thoroughly satisfying scale, and arranged their lives almost entirely for it.
  • And at the same time planned to earn her own living in any honest fashion available, no matter how lowly!
  • He planned to journey south along the foothills, until opposite the desert town and then cross over to it.
  • Patricia, in spite or her good resolves, could not repress a sigh at the program which was so very different from that she had planned for herself.
  • But the days of the Prince who planned and directed and was the source and centre of all power are ended.
  • His line of march was shorter than that of the outlaws, and besides, they had not planned to leave the cabin before midnight.
  • I remember that afterwards Tarvrille was accused of having planned the fire to make his dinner a marvel and a memory.
  • He could not fathom the tactics of the executive, the youth was forced to confess, for their movements seemed planned to circumvent each other.
  • It may well have been Jocelin himself who planned the subject-matter of the statuary with such admirable breadth and balance of mind.
  • When the War broke out airplanes were not planned so carefully nor equipped so fully for their special duties as they are to-day.
  • Afterward, when discipline was corrupted, vows were everywhere added for the purpose of restoring discipline, as in a carefully planned prison.
  • He did so now, and, instead of going directly to the cabin as he had planned at first, made a wide circle and came up behind.
  • With great astuteness the Vanderbilts planned to upset the operation of the road, to the least possible degree.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Planned | Planned Sentence

  • So she had it all planned out!
  • He planned to do it in fifteen.
  • For them he planned impossibly.
  • Porter had planned well.
  • I had planned to go away.
  • Who planned the new depot?
  • He had planned a brace of rolls and a bottle of milk.
  • It was planned to open the line early in April.
  • I planned to ask her on Christmas Eve.
  • It was she who had planned the wild and tender beauty of the garden.
  • I've planned it all out since I made up my mind.
  • Already he had planned to send Winthrop, in his big car, for a doctor.
  • His telegram to the King of England was a trick planned long ago.
  • We planned half in earnest and half Utopianising, a League of Social Service.
  • The next day mamma planned to take the four o'clock car back to Hartford.

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