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  • But she planted the flowers, and we have only kept our gardens so neat since she has been here.
  • Trees could not have been planted in that desert, and if they had been, they could not have lived.
  • I was planted a year ago by the people who dwelt here; they left soon afterwards.
  • The principle of compassion has been planted in our bosom by the finger of God.
  • Then she hurried away to her home, took a flower-pot and planted her precious barley-corn.
  • The Turkish cemetery beneath the walls of the fortress is planted with cypress trees.
  • Perhaps God has in his thoughts much better ones than he has ever planted on this globe.
  • Consciousness at last came, and I perceived that we were driving up a thickly planted avenue.
  • The Crab, without a word, gave up his cake, and took the persimmon-seed and planted it.
  • Widow Adamecz put her hands on her hips, and planted herself in front of Father Janos.
  • This last move had planted them in Botany Street, five minutes' walk from Chook's shop.
  • One of these pieces was brought up by hand and planted in the road where it could sweep the woods in which the guerrillas were concealed.
  • All possess planted courtyards and vineyards, and gardens into which channels are led from the streams in the streets.
  • I could swear there were trees planted there and that a great fountain was playing like a stream of liquid diamonds.
  • Before me lay a solitary tract of wooded park, thickly interspersed with planted knolls and coppices.
  • An old man came along, and digging up the flower carried it home with him and planted it in his garden.
  • The seed is planted in specially prepared beds, and the percentage of germination noted for future reference.
  • First you tell a fella to go see his aunt, when she's been planted for ten years.
  • His father had given him a little square bed in a corner of the garden, which he had planted with corn two days before.
  • No remedy is known for the disease, and cotton should not be planted on infected land for at least three or four years.
  • We then planted the palisades, securing them strongly in the ground, and to each other, so that it might not be easy to tear them up.
  • The fate of those in the second category is more pathetic; they gradually wither and die away like flowers planted in a thin soil.
  • And he went on further, to another low valley, and planted other seeds, and the pumpkin grew and was beautiful.
  • Josh took up an old lemonade-case as he went, and planted it on the ground below the window, stretching his hand for the knife as he did so.
  • The frame was of tall hickory saplings planted in the ground in two rows, with the tops bent over and lashed together in the form of an arch.
  • Around the kiosk the chief Ismail planted walks of tall trees, terminating in the different parts of the garden.
  • But Raleigh purposed after aiding his friend in his enterprise to continue his voyage to the new world, where he has planted a colony.
  • But thine uncertain foot should yet be planted but lightly, For there is lurking the twofold pain of a new separation.
  • They planted Britain, and gave to the seas and mountains names which are poems, and imitate the pure voices of nature.
  • And in the mouth stood the Doctor, and took the grains from his breast, and planted them, and the corn grew and was beautiful.
  • At the head of his own company, he scaled the ramparts, and planted the banner of France on the very summit, escaping with a slight wound.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Planted | Planted Sentence

  • I have planted some citizens in my time.
  • Then they planted fields with corn, wheat and vegetables.
  • He'd planted Foy's horse, I reckon.
  • Then she planted her feet still deeper in the sand and bawled at him.
  • Here Rosa and her brother made a roof garden and planted flowers.
  • Mrs. Sranko jumped up, and planted herself before him, with her arms crossed.
  • She must have had him planted at Rawal-Pindi in case of accidents.
  • The beggar with the knapsack planted himself right in his Highness's way.
  • He settled in the West--in Dakota, and planted grain.

Definition of Planted

simple past tense and past participle of plant
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