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  • I have said that when seen from the side plants are bilateral, or are more or less irregular.
  • The collector has dried all the plants in his herbal, but he has lost weight and humor.
  • Salt springs produce a sufficiency of salt for wholesome use, and medicinal plants abound.
  • Some plants grow best in the Temperate Zones, while others live best in the Torrid Zone.
  • The principle on which the work is based is that plants have their individualities and tend to transmit them to their progeny.
  • The animals and plants sharing the world with man and contributing to his sustenance next focus our attention.
  • The presence of water vapor in the air is necessary to prevent excessive evaporation from both plants and animals.
  • You can find feather-veined leaves on the plants in the garden and on the flower stems that grow in our window boxes.
  • Animals feeding on these plants assimilate the nitrogenous matter, so that this element is an essential constituent of both plants and animals.
  • The heat for several days had been equal to that of summer, so we had been weeding and watering the young plants in her garden.
  • The method employed is to select, for seed purposes, plants which are resistant to the particular disease.
  • Are air cooled and are the most efficient, economical and reliable power plants on the market sold at reasonable prices.
  • And indeed, until very recently, mezquite beans and the fruit of various cactus plants were staple articles of food.
  • It has frequently been noted that even well-fertilized plants upon good soil will mature only 15 or 20% of the bolls produced.
  • This objection is often made: it is, indeed, the great practical ground on which the scheme of necessity plants itself.
  • The fibre has increased in length from about 1-3/4 to 2-1/2 in., and the plants have at the same time been increased in productiveness.
  • We have learned the manners of the sun and of the moon, of the rivers and the rains, of the mineral and elemental kingdoms, of plants and animals.
  • There were no seats, but a narrow walk ran round, and over this the foreign plants were grouped richly, and with excelling taste.
  • The camel stood on this side the wall, and, reaching the plants within by means of his long neck, made a breakfast on them.
  • Thus sometimes a field of cotton is attacked by some disease, perhaps "wilt," and a comparatively few plants are but very slightly affected.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plants | Plants Sentence

  • He plants his brain and affections.
  • Write a list of all the plants that you can name.
  • Of what use are the plants that are not underlined?
  • Tell about any trees and other plants that you noticed.
  • All plants grow out of the earth or soil.
  • The plants are generally left 2 or 3 in.
  • Other plants grow just as the apple tree grows.
  • These plants keep right on growing through the year.
  • The plants are usually cut out with a hoe from 8 to 14 in.
  • The plants and animals are much like those of Mexico.
  • What plants and animals live in North America?
  • Animals and Plants 46 VIII.
  • Four hundred plants have been given out to the children this morning.
  • With what power do the plants burst from the earth in spring!
  • And the leaves draw in just what the plants need from the air around them.
  • We have learned that the roots take the food of plants from the earth.
  • What do you know of the people, the plants and the animals of this region?
  • These plants grow during the summer and rest or die when winter comes.
  • The plants do not rest nor die in winter there, for there is no cold weather.
  • The plants remain very dwarf and generally unhealthy, or die.

Definition of Plants

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of plant | plural of plant
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