Platitudes In A Sentence

Definition of Platitudes

plural of platitude

How To Use Platitudes In A Sentence?

  • It really seemed to her as if she were stung by a swarm of platitudes like bees.
  • In such circumstances platitudes are the only possible things to say; because they are true.
  • In spite of her platitudes about enjoying a great deal, she had him dead and buried.
  • While her heart craved the substance of truth, she dispensed platitudes with a benevolent air.
  • What an answer to the platitudes of fanatics who have the audacity to assert that philosophy is but the fruit of libertinage!
  • They went over the platitudes of the day; or they started subjects of interest that were not interesting to me.
  • But his was a conventional soul; its expression was in the formulae and platitudes of the camp-meeting.
  • I murmured platitudes to the effect that she seemed to be a most sensible woman, with a head for business.
  • Those words were not decorous platitudes demanded by convention, but the expression of genuine and intense feeling.
  • How can any one be flattered by the saccharine platitudes which are ground out automatically like chewing-gum from a slot-machine?
  • We are a hopelessly sentimental nation, and we cling to platitudes as a half naked beggar will cling to his tattered shirt.
  • What would her brave platitudes count if she could wear bright gold tulle with slim shoulder straps of jet supporting it?
  • MacLeod noticed the look and its scorn with delight, and grasped at this opportunity to get outside the platitudes of conversation.
  • The people of Paris are perhaps as quick to detect and to laugh at cant or moral platitudes as anybody of the modern world.
  • As for Brenton, it's a mere case of burbling genteel platitudes in a marvellous voice.
  • I heard only the same old platitudes about a dying Christ and the flames of perdition I had heard all my life and preached for eight years myself.
  • She listened very quietly to all the halting efforts at consolation, and the little platitudes with which they strove to cover the nakedness of bereavement.
  • He kept stammering the most absurd platitudes about how happy her mother must be in a heaven regarding which he did not seem to have very recent or definite knowledge.
  • She has such playful, girlish manners, and an irritating way of giving vent to the most utter platitudes with the air of having just discovered a new truth.
  • Of course, most of these mystical scribblings end up being over-simplified platitudes such as 'all is one' or 'I am God'.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Platitudes | Platitudes Sentence

  • Condolence platitudes were never in my line.
  • Ye have nothing new to utter and but platitudes to preach.
  • Emma found again in adultery all the platitudes of marriage.
  • These are the platitudes and falsehoods in which history is disguised.
  • Formal platitudes were manufactured with effort, but Willoughby was kindled.
  • He mumbled slavish platitudes anent the virtues of his gracious Majesty.
  • It was while Jones was airing these platitudes that Paliser entered the room.
  • Or tear romance to rags and set it In heavy platitudes by Pettit?
  • Amid varied platitudes Steele's glance turned oftenest to the girl.

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