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  • I had reckoned on it to lead me into a discussion with her on platonic friendship.
  • And their old-time love story recommenced, this time on a less platonic footing.
  • It is important that no cloud should be left on this fundamental point of the Platonic theory.
  • Conscious of this dominant impulse, he has fancifully described himself in a Platonic allegory.
  • The aim of the Platonic philosophy was to raise us far above vulgar wants.
  • Remember I am still your platonic friend, and have every regard for your future happiness.
  • The Platonic is the poetic tendency; the so-called scientific is the negative and poisonous.
  • But the Platonic woman proper, in this sense, is the spinster of five-and-thirty.
  • For has he not all the beauty of the Platonic Socrates, with some personal Beauty to boot?
  • Then the Platonic fit left me and I was all for Aristotle and the Peripatetics.
  • He, however, gives a new direction to the Platonic theory, owing to his Hebraic conception of God.
  • The time of waiting for happiness will pass in the consolation of warm platonic friendship and lovely surroundings.
  • Instead of knight-errantry there were among these young people simple though not always platonic relations.
  • The ruling tradition in philosophy has always been the platonic and aristotelian belief that fixity is a nobler and worthier thing than change.
  • This order of Platonic ladies are to be dealt with in a peculiar manner from all the rest of the sex.
  • He was still fascinatedly engrossed with her revelation of the impeccable Platonic basis of her friendship.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Platonic | Platonic Sentence

  • There was nothing at all platonic in their relations.
  • Our platonic marriage will be very amusing.
  • He liked that Platonic question very much.
  • And the Platonic conception receives a religious sanction.
  • Now the Platonic Idea is the object of the conception.
  • I should much like to see your Platonic Brother.
  • It won't be platonic much longer.
  • The quality of love expressed is far from being either platonic or chivalrous.
  • Its platonic origin from an ideal world went instinctively against his grain.
  • They are the most puling, petrifying, stupidly platonic compositions.
  • George Lockwood's was no platonic sentiment.
  • He was usually Platonic under protest, but at other times exultantly so.
  • Professor Bergson thus inverts the traditional platonic doctrine absolutely.
  • And not every hacker is an abstract, Platonic computer-nerd.
  • This, of course, in a strictly platonic sense, and entirely apart from dinner.
  • To the Platonic girl her note-book takes the place of the old-fashioned diary.
  • All other things only "partake of it," to use Platonic language.
  • In the Platonic dialogues the Socratic method obtains a place in literature.
  • To return good for evil is no less a Platonic than a Christian maxim.
  • The Ainu seem to have no Platonic love; their love is purely sexual.
  • San Isidore's philosophy was Platonic and Aristotelian.
  • We have said a word on the Platonic theory of ideas, 1st Series, vol.
  • The Platonic Ethics of Perfection 344 Sect. 170.
  • Albaugh's without stopping to enjoy a platonic flirtation with Rachel.

Definition of Platonic

Neither sexual nor romantic in nature; being or exhibiting platonic love. | Alternative letter-case form of Platonic (of or relating to the philosophical views of Plato and his successors).
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