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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Play With | Play With Sentence

  • Get down on the floor and play with him.
  • Would she play with him then in his greatness!
  • No wan will play with him.
  • After that he went to play with it.
  • They come to play with me.
  • Now play with it handsomely.
  • Do you think you can play with me?
  • One cannot play with fire.
  • Fleetfoot liked to play with the children.
  • Ted had no time now to play with the knife.
  • You cannot go play with anybody.
  • You play with awkward weapons.
  • Never play with fire-arms.
  • Be with children and play with them all you possibly can.
  • He began grimly to play with it.
  • It is human to play with what one loves.
  • I play with my clean-born children.
  • Any number can play with an ordinary pack.
  • Susie was always pleasant in her play with other children.
  • He did not care to play with the other boys of the town.
  • Is it right to play with human destiny?
  • No; but children play with it.
  • They laugh at death and even play with it.
  • So strangely does death play with us all.
  • My wife lets him play with everything!
  • No one should play with her again and throw her away.
  • He likes to play with boys and girls.
  • Best of all was when mother used to play with us.
  • In the same manner the boy does not play with the girl.
  • How he would play with her and toss her aside!
  • I never went to play with any children.
  • Stuart is not worse to play with than another, is he?
  • Even a child will not play with its toys all day long.
  • His wont was to play with it; now he ate it.
  • She did more than play with the idea of things going wrong.

How To Use Play With In A Sentence?

  • Irving had seen the play with mingled joy and sorrow.
  • The springtime is coming, play with your mates.
  • Henriette, go and play with your little friends.
  • He would play with the poor little thing and reassure her.
  • Since that first time he used to play with me every day.

Definition of Play With

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: play with. | (transitive) To fiddle with; make small adjustments to, for example to something mechanical in order to improve its performance. | (transitive) To trick.
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