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How To Use Players In A Sentence?

  • When the teams met in the playing-fields the difference in the size of the players was remarked.
  • Neither of the players uttered a sound; but the boys could not suppress their admiration.
  • Divide the players into two equal parts, each side appointing a captain and den-keeper.
  • Madly the play went on, the faces of the players growing more flushed as the hour grew later.
  • The man in the dressing-gown left the smoke-room, and never saw any of the players again.
  • But this is a very old ruse, and most players know it: a much better one may be founded upon it.
  • At Westminster, the players pretend they are real, but convince you that they are puppets.
  • These young men are all free-thinkers, great dancers, singers, players of the guitar.
  • I don't know why the sight of the poor traveling players was so repulsive to me.
  • If you have a good big room and lots of players you will find this game as full of fun as you can wish.
  • Mention might also be made of a couple of small restaurants that have in the past been supported by the professional players at the tables.
  • By pure chance all the players happened to be quiet then, but it seemed as if they were silent merely to hear his answer.
  • He also gets up parties of pleasure, and is chiefly responsible for the coming of the players to the theatre this carnival.
  • Our friends enjoyed it greatly, and for a time did nothing but stay there and listen while watching the players and the crowd.
  • He often engages a troupe of wandering players for months at a time, and he himself and his retinue form the entire audience.
  • The other players were mostly English, and very uninteresting in their exhibition of disappointment.
  • There was the sound of voices, and it was evident that the game had ended in a quarrel and the players were coming up the river-bank toward them.
  • As they think of a football game, all the players are standing stock-still; they are as they are represented in a photograph.
  • When the words "pussy's prowlings" were mentioned, all the players jumped up and exchanged seats.
  • On one side of the hall was a kind of stage, lighted with coloured lamps, where dancers and players were to perform.
  • The truth is that the players do not play well unless a master-hand controls them; and a master-hand in the orchestra has been urgently wanted.
  • A noise of scuffling feet made the story-teller pause, and then the gang of card players came tumbling out of the bunk-house.
  • However, the impression the hearer receives from a group of players is always of four rapid beats, the third one being distinctly accented.
  • The Players are much more respected here than they are elsewhere, which makes them insolent to the last Degree.
  • Sheen being one of the few players in the school who were up to his form, Harrington ignored the cloud under which Sheen rested.
  • In a few minutes the trooper opposite my friend of the poker-game drew out, and one of the players called loudly on Goodell to take his place.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Players | Players Sentence

  • Two players at the piano.
  • The players deal out the cards.
  • The players are equally divided.
  • The players alternate in playing.
  • On the whole, Frenchmen are better players than we are.
  • Unnecessary talking by the players should be forbidden in games of baseball.
  • One child is chosen to whisper to each of the players some word of the rhyme.
  • All the other players gather near him for the purpose of kicking the object.
  • There the players pretend to be puppets, but convince you that they are real.
  • Above the ring the roof rose into a dome where the players pitched the coins.
  • Two players at the piano; preparatory duet book for beginners.
  • The other players left off punting, impatient to see how it would end.
  • As soon as the players were released, Kilian came over and sat beside me.
  • It is a team made up of a few High-School players and a few others.

Definition of Players

plural of player
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